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4th District

DOT budget mishap

This week, an audit of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation revealed massive mishandling of budget funds. The auditors looked at 19 major highway projects completed from January 2006 to December 2015, and found that the projects cost $772.5 million more than first estimated by the DOT. This is unacceptable, costly, and irresponsible. Republican lawmakers seem to have no long term solution to this, or the billion dollar shortfall in the overall transportation budget.

Unfit and worrisome SCOTUS appointment

On Tuesday, President Trump announced his pick for the Supreme Court, filling the void left by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. After lawmakers refused to vote on former president Barrack Obama’s nominee of Merrick Garland, a legitimate successor, Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch. Gorsuch has a troubling record for anyone who cares about 4th amendment protections, women’s reproductive issues, worker’s rights, and voting rights to name just a handful of issues. Voting rights are our voice, they are our equalizer. We want our Supreme Court to recognize that it doesn't matter how much money you have, because you have a vote. With Trump and Gorsuch, we have a lot to worry about.


Trump hides from protestors

Trump was scheduled to visit Harley-Davidson this past Thursday to talk about American manufacturing. When protests began to form and grow in numbers, Trump cancelled his visit.  Though people are stating it was never scheduled in the first place, if Trump fears protests how is he going to handle ISIS?  Everywhere he goes there will be some opposition, will he stay hidden in D.C. forever?

February is Black History Month

It is February, which means it’s one of my favorite times of the year. That’s right – it’s Black History Month! Black History Month began over a century ago as a way to honor the contributions of the black community. As one of the few black Wisconsin legislators, I spend February hosting events in celebration of black achievement.

But here’s the thing - we don’t need a designated month to celebrate black history; we can be loud and proud every day. The truth of the matter is that the history of our nation was built on the backs of our community. The history books may say differently, but we know our truth. This month, I hope you all reflect on what history you’ll leave behind, and join me in celebrating the history we have behind us! Make sure to keep an eye out for Black History Month events in Madison, Milwaukee and in your community!

Black business day at the Capitol

This past Thursday, we held a Black Business Day at the Capitol in Madison.  Representative Jason Fields organized this amazing event to bring business owners face to face with us. I understand the difficulties black businesses face compared to the white businesses and more needs to be done in order to inform black business owners of what resources are available to them.  Stay tuned for more Black History Month events at the Capital this month.

“History Makers: Black Excellence” Black History Month spotlights

Join me throughout the entire month of February to celebrate Black History Month!  Every day I will be posting on Social Media about historical Black figures who have made an impact on this country.  So far this week Ida B. Wells, Bessie Coleman, and Angela Davis have gotten their chance in the spotlight.  Stay tuned for more “History Makers: Black Excellence” to see the black people excelling not only at the national level, but even here in Wisconsin!

We do what we do, so the babies can dream

To kick off Black History Month, three young girls attending Milwaukee College Prep dressed as famous black women featured in the Golden Globe recipient “Hidden Figures”.  This not only went viral, but actress Taraj P. Henson, the lead actress in the movie, posted her response to the picture. “OH MY GOODNESS IN HEAVEN. I do what I do so the babies can dream.”  This proves representation matters; when our children recognize themselves in successful figures, their dreams become validated.  I do what I do so that future black girls have the confidence to strive for their dreams!




Black History Month

Week 2 February 5-9
Children & Families Education

Hosted By Sen. LaTonya Johnson & Rep. David Bowen
2/7: 10-11am @ 330 SW
2/8: 12-1pm @ Rotunda
2/9: 10am-1pm @ 330 SW

Week 3 February 13-17
Health & Mental Health

Hosted By Rep. David Crowley
2/14: 11am @ State Capitol
2/15: 11am & 12pm @ State Capitol

Week 4 February 20-24
Criminal Justice

Hosted By Sen. Lena Taylor
2/20: 1pm @ State Capitol
2/24: 12pm @ State Capitol

Week 5 February 27-28
Divine Nine Lobby Day At The Capitol

Hosted By Black Caucus, NPHC, NAACP
RSVP on Facebook @ Divine Nine Day at the Capitol
9am-3:30pm @ State Capitol

Hosted By Rep. Leon Young, 608-266-3786

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"If you want to make a human being a monster deny them at the cultural level any reflection of themselves."

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