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4th District

The truth behind voter ID

Iíve said it time and time again: Voter ID doesnít improve the integrity of the ballot but disenfranchises voters. Voter Identification laws often strike voters who vote democratic, which is why Republicans are introduce them: to give themselves an edge at the polls. Just look at North Carolina, where lawmakers were recently shown to have purposefully targeted black voters to prevent them from voting. Voting is your right, and no one has the ability to take it from you. This election day, with Voter ID still in place in Wisconsin, make sure to come to the polls prepared. Youíll need to show a photo ID. This can be a driverís license, a Wisconsin DOT-issued ID card, a Military ID card, or a US passport. If you donít currently have an ID, you can get one for free at the DMV even if you donít have a birth certificate or social security card. Just bring what you have, and youíll get an ID in time. If they do not accept your identification at the polls, make sure to cast a provisional ballot. Youíll have until Friday to make sure the error is corrected and you can call my office if you have trouble making sure your ballot is counted.  If you would like to know more about voting and how to vote, please check out for more information. Donít miss your opportunity to make your voice heard!

The myth of voter fraud

The rational behind voter I.D is supposed to be for one reason only: preventing voter fraud. According to Republicans, voter fraud is such a serious problem that strict voter ID laws are the only solution. But is that really the case? Statistics report otherwise. An analysis found that there were only 10 cases of in person voter ID fraud over a 12 year span, the only kind of fraud voter ID prevents. Claims that ďzombie votersĒ or votes being placed in the names of deceased citizens also prove to be false. The fact of the matter is there isnít enough cases of Voter ID fraud to constitute having such strict voter ID laws.

Voter ID and transgender voters

Voter ID laws disenfranchise voters, plain and simple. Often these voters are Black and Latino citizens, our veterans, our disabled population, and our students. While we often discuss how voter ID laws disproportionately impact these groups thereís one group we can overlook when discussing disenfranchisement; our transgender population. In many states, itís difficult for transgender citizens to get identification that accurately reflects their gender. Often states require a variety of legal hoops to jump through for transgender individuals get proper identification. For those who canít get proper identification, going to the polls becomes a risk for discrimination from workers who donít know how to properly treat transgender individuals. Itís clear voter ID does more harm than good. Our transgender citizens deserve the right to feel safe while they vote just like the rest of us.

Your right to vote

In 1865, an African American Milwaukee Resident, Ezekiel Gillespie, fought restrictions to his right to vote by attempting to register. A week later, he was refused again, and he would later go onto challenge this refusal in the courts. It would eventually make its way to the Wisconsin Supreme court who would rule in his favor, securing voting rights for African America men in Wisconsin. No one should be able to take away your right to vote. Plain and simple. Your vote is your own, and at the end of the day, who you choose on your ballot is your choice alone. Anyone who tries to convince or scare you into choosing otherwise is infringing on your rights. With this polarized election, the threat of people monitoring the polls has grown larger than ever. Suggestions have been made to monitor the pools. Thatís just not acceptable. No one should be threatened for trying to exercise their constitutional rights. The law says that you have the right to feel safe and unintimidated at your polling place. If you feel like someone is interfering with this right, call The Department of Justiceís voting rights hotline at 1-800-253-3931 or the Election Protection hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE. Your vote is your voice, and no one has the right to silence you, so get out on November 8th and speak your mind!






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"We are want the churches in Milwaukee to be equipped with the necessary information that will allow their members to cast an educated vote."

-Sen. Taylor on "Souls to the Polls"

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