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Sen. Lena Taylor

4th District

Get Out and Vote

The best way to make the change you want to see in your community is your vote. When you go out to the polls, you add your voice to the conversation. I wonít tell you who to vote for, only that when election day rolls around this November, you should go out and vote. Youíll need to show a photo ID. This can be a driverís license, a Wisconsin DOT-issued ID card, a Military ID card, or a US passport. If you donít currently have an ID, you can get one for free at the DMV even if you donít have a birth certificate or social security card. Just bring what you have, and youíll get an ID in time. If you canít come out on election day, there are plenty of opportunities to do so before, such as early voting, or voting absentee through the mail. Remember, voting is you constitutional right. Donít miss your opportunity to make your voice heard. If you would like to know more about voting and how to vote, please check out for more information.

Crisis at Lincoln Hills

It seems every other week more horrors come out of Lincoln Hills. This week, it was reported that there have been multiple incidents of self-harm at the facility, some which were attempts to get attention from the staff to speak about their concerns. This is not only unacceptable but horrific. Our kids need a place to recover, not a place where they are abused. This week, advocacy group Youth Justice Milwaukee called for the center to be closed. I stand with them. Lincoln Hills isnít working. If we want our young people to recover and have a chance to succeed, we need to get them out of that institution. Local programs that focus on rehabilitation with community support show far more promise. Lincoln Hills is still under criminal investigation. Our young people deserve better.  I think everyone can agree on that.

Safe Place at MPS

MPS recently announced a new initiative called MPS C.A.R.E.S (Community and Recreation Engaging Students). This initiative looks to provide a safe place for students, along with a wellness resource for them and their families. This is a wonderful idea. Our young people need places to feel safe and encouraged, and providing them that not only helps secure their wellbeing but provides support for them to succeed in and out of school. I hope to see this program succeed and others like it work to help give our kids a place to flourish. If you want to learn more about the program, please check out their site at

National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

This week is National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week. Iíve stressed the importance of making sure our kids are safe from lead. Lead exposure can cause serious harm to young children, and is connected to brain damage, behavioral problems, and issues with growth and development. Lead can be found in older buildings that used lead paint, or houses connected to older pipes. Families with young children should make sure their kids are tested for lead poisoning to prevent irreparable damage from being done. You can speak to your childís doctor about lead testing. If you think your water is at risk, consider spending money on a filter for the tap. There are a variety of filters you can choose that remove lead from the water. A guide on how to choose one can be found here. Itís worth the cost to keep your family healthy.





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 Quote of the Week:

"Lincoln Hills represents a failed model that just canít be fixed."

-Jeff Roman of Youth Justice Milwaukee on Lincoln Hills

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