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4th District

Improving Community Relations with the Police

Milwaukee is in crisis. The relationship between the police and our community is incredibly strained. The police have been holding listening sessions with the community, but all the talk in the world won’t help if they don’t follow through on their promises. Respecting people and respecting life means only pulling over and detaining people for probable cause, not because of their skin color. Action includes being respectful during curbside interactions and during traffic stops. It also means that if you are taken into custody, you aren’t murdered like Terrill Thomas, an inmate at Milwaukee County Jail who died of dehydration while in the Sheriff’s Department’s custody this past April.

If the police want to rebuild trust with the community, they have to work for it. Sheriff Clarke needs to understand that he can’t have a conversation with his community while he’s miles away campaigning for Trump. If he wants to change things for the better, he should be present, and that means working with the Department of Corrections on training programs for those under his employ. Traveling across the country instead of dealing with our community sends the message that Clarke couldn’t care less about the issues of the people he’s been elected to serve.

Walker has Ties to Lead Paint

In leaked documents obtained by The Guardian, a clear connection has been shown between corporate money and political action taken by Senate Republicans in the 2011-12 legislative session. The materials show a conservative third-party group Club for Growth soliciting a $750,000 donation from NL Industries, a lead-paint manufacturer, while Senate Republicans accepted money from CFG and passed legislation making it more difficult for child victims of lead poisoning to sue lead paint manufacturers like NL Industries. Even worse, Walker has threatened the DA’s office’s staffing levels if they continue to look into this case. Frankly, I am disgusted. These findings are beyond troubling and show a disturbing undermining of the democratic process. Those who participated in this exchange of cash for favors need to answer to the families of these poisoned children. Their constituents deserve to know why they were sold out and why their elected officials failed those they were elected to serve.

 Addressing Milwaukee’s Trauma

After the unrest in Sherman Park last month, the National Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration awarded the Milwaukee's Office of Violence Prevention a five year $5 million grant to address trauma and assist at-risk youth and families. This is great news. I have long said that the root of Milwaukee’s problems is the trauma sustained by generations of systematic injustice. When we start addressing this trauma, we also address countless other problems that plague Milwaukee. I wish this program success and hope we’ll see more opportunities like this in the future for our young people.

Ways to help Lincoln Hills

It feels like every week we get more disturbing news out of Lincoln Hills. This week was no different. We learned that during a visit to the center in August 2015, then-Corrections Secretary Ed Wall was told by multiple inmates that abuse was happening at the center. He later also learned that corrections officers were seizing and shredding inmates’ written complaints. We need more than just simple reform: we need to look at alternative ways to treat our young people who have committed criminal acts. We need programs that work to heal, not harm, and we need corrections centers that keep these children close to their families. While the Department of Corrections has asked for $3.3 million dollars to get Lincoln Hills up to regulation, that is simply not enough. Pouring money into a broken system will do nothing. I implore them to also consider ways we can rehabilitate and heal our young people, like implementing community-based visits and trauma-informed care. Getting our centers to follow regulation should be expected, but need to be going above and beyond for our young people in crisis.  



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"Disparate treatment has caused the community to lose trust that must now be rebuilt. Before we can solve anything, we have to admit we have a problem."

-Sen. Lena Taylor on Milwaukee.

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