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4th District

Keeping our kids healthy

Our kids need help. Infant mortality, like almost every other major health indicator, shows black infants die at nearly three times the rate of white infants. Infant mortality is always tragic and often preventable. Leading causes of infant mortality are birth defects, premature birth, complications of pregnancy and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and now it looks like there may be another environmental factor you can add to that list: lead. Lead poisoning is a major problem affecting our communities. From lead in paint, to lead in our soil, to lead in our drinking water, our kids are at risk. Because kids are still developing, they are often the most susceptible to lead poisoning. By using water filters, and getting our kids tested, we can keep an eye out for lead poisoning in our communities.

Looking at youth justice programs

It’s clear that our current system of juvenile justice is not working; just looking at flood of stories about abuse at Lincoln Hills can tell anyone that. Locking up our kids behind bars isn’t a solution: we need to address the problems that got them to commit crimes in the first place to make lasting change. Programs like the youth mentoring program mentioned in this week’s Christian Science Monitor hold far more potential than a prison cell. Programs like these that address the problems our kids face and provide them the support they need are crucial. When our kids don’t have people supporting them, they’re less likely to succeed. This is why I advocate bringing our kids back to Milwaukee, so they can be closer to the support networks they need. These solutions show promise, and we need to consider implementing them for our kids in Milwaukee.  

Study shows drop in 911 calls after beating

A recent Harvard study found that 911 calls in black neighborhoods dropped by 20 percent after the beating of Frank Jude Jr. by off duty Milwaukee police officers 12 years ago. The study also found that calls dropped again two years later after the beating of Danyall Simpson by a Milwaukee police officer. I doubt this news comes as a surprise. How are communities supposed to put their trust in the police when those same men beat a neighbor a week earlier? If police want communities to come to them about crime and violence, they have to rebuild trust with those communities. This means punishing officers who commit such horrendous actions, and working to undo decades of damage of trust lost to the community. With both this study and recent events in mind, the Milwaukee police should be reaching out to the community more than ever. If the police want the community’s trust they have to earn it.

Issues with voter ID at DMV

Election day is coming up fast.  It‘s everyone’s right as an American citizen to have their voice heard and as always, I implore everyone to come out on election day to help make positive changes in their community. Voting is a constitutional right, and blocking any citizen from enacting it is against American ideals. This is part of the reason I find it troubling that DMV were not aware of new rules to help citizens obtain voter ID under a new federal ruling. We should not force our citizens to jump through hoops to use their constitutional rights. If you need help registering to vote or obtaining an ID, go to to learn how you can make your voice heard, and Wisconsin Public Radio if you would like an FAQ on voting as well. Remember, the best way to make change happen is with your vote. Don’t let it go to waste this November.



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"Something like the Frank Jude case tears the fabric apart so deeply and de-legitimizes the criminal justice system in the eyes of the African-American community that they stop relying on it in significant numbers."

-Mathew Desmond, associate social sciences professor at Harvard University on 911 study.

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