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4th District

The Milwaukee initiative announced

Milwaukee needs help; you know it, I know it, and as of two weeks ago, most of the country knows it as well. Milwaukeeís problems are widespread and complex, a product of racial and economic disparities that have plagued the city for generations. This is not a new problem; this is a culmination of ignored pain. As a result, while I am glad to hear of the increased funding from Governor Walker for Milwaukee move forward, I implore citizens and politicians alike to keep in mind that a grant will not fix all of Milwaukeeís deep-rooted problems. While I wish money could cure the pain that has plagued Milwaukee for so long, this grant alone will not cure decades of generational trauma. A grant will not change the fact that Milwaukee is the most segregated city in America, nor will it change that it is the worst place in the nation to raise a black child.  To change these problems, we need a continued investment in Milwaukee and its people, not just a glance when national television is watching. I hope if anything positive comes of these recent tragic events, it will be a prolonged effort to work for a better Milwaukee. We need to fight racial and economic disparities in education, incarnation and our work force. A grant might not cure Milwaukeeís pain, but itís a start. Letís remember it as one.

More bad news out of Lincoln Hills

You canít open a newspaper lately without seeing the results of our failed juvenile justice system. This week another story leaked out of Lincoln Hills. The staff were instructed and encouraged to use abusive techniques when handling youth. Excessive force was the law of the land, and pain was stressed as the end result. After learning of the news, I got right on the telephone with the Secretary of the Department of Corrections. He assured me the training officer was dismissed and all workers with physical contact with the youth have been retrained. Initial reports about the disarray at Lincoln Hills documented overcrowding, inadequate staffing, an overall lack of accountability, and failure to meet basic safety standards. But the story doesnít stop there. As the FBI continued its probe, we heard stories of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse at the facility. In Milwaukee County, we call it the House of Corrections. In northern Wisconsin, itís more like the House of Horrors. I donít care what the crime is. The solution should never be physical violence or sexual assault. This is no place for our babies to get better. We canít just sentence these young people to a life of crime and punishment  and release them into a life of poverty.

Higher education is important

It doesnít take a genius to know the importance of a quality education. An investment in education is an investment in our future and we need to make sure itís both accessible and affordable for students from varying backgrounds. From K-12 to Higher Education, schools and universities provide our young people with countless of opportunities and experiences to succeed. Public schools especially deserve our attention, as they are often the most accessible options for students across the state.

Iím not the only legislator who believes this; plenty of my colleagues also preach on the importance of education. However, not all of them are willing to put your money with their mouth is. Just look at the massive cuts to the UW system last budget. If we want to continue to provide a quality education to students, we need to show support for our universities, and that includes funding them.

This is why I support the UW Systemís latest request for a budget increase. The UW system needs some way to afford the quality education it provides its students. We cannot expect such a massive public university to function at the same level it did previously after substantial cuts to its budget. While I know some of my colleagues may balk at the idea of pouring more money into the system, I implore them to consider the true purpose of that money, what it provides to our students, what it provides to our workforce, and what it will eventually provide to our economy. Increasing funding in the UW system is an investment. We have to trust our students to make it pay off.

The importance of voting

You know how passionate I am about voting. Your vote is crucial to expressing your constitutional rights. Voting in local, state and national elections is crucial to making positive change in our community. I cannot stress how important it is that people go out and participate in our democratic process. Local elections are just as important, if not more important the big national elections. Iím asking you to be a #1 Vote FAAN. Iím asking you to vote every single February, April, August and November.

You donít have to wait for election day, either. You can vote early both in person at the clerkís office or through the mail. If youíre looking for any information on voting, please check out for information on where to vote and how to vote.





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ďPeople arenít going to look back at this one piece as a solution, but as a beginning pipeline being aligned, really taking us from a maze to a bowling alley.Ē

-Sen. Lena Taylor on the Milwaukee Grant

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