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4th District

Police shootings prompt necessary conversation

With recent police shootings across the country, it has become clear that there are serious issues in our police departments that still need to be addressed. The taking of a Black life is a tragedy no matter who the perpetrator is, but it is particularly disturbing when those entrusted to protect us and serve our community are the ones terrorizing us. When we canít go a single day without a Black life being taken by the police, we know that work still needs to be done. However, this necessary reform will not be accomplished by violence like that in Dallas. As protestors have already proved, we can prompt positive change through continuing conversation, peaceful demonstration, and reform legislation.  My heart goes out to the loved ones of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and Jay Anderson Jr. right here in Milwaukee, as well as the Police killed in Dallas, and I pray that justice will be served.

Advocates work to overthrow Wisconsin abortion restrictions

Given recent rulings from the Supreme Court on the regulation of abortion clinics in Texas, local womenís health advocates have pushed to repeal similar laws in Wisconsin. While Wisconsin appealed their own laws in federal court, the final ruling was that these laws are an ďundue burdenĒ for women to access an abortion. With the Supreme Courtís ruling, we should recognize our own laws that limit care as unconstitutional.  I support these advocates in their struggle to overthrow these laws I have long opposed for limiting access to womenís health across the state. A womanís right to choose is her own. As legislators, we have no right to dictate her choices for her.

Prison spending increase surpasses schools

Last week, a brief from the U.S Department of Education reported that state and local expenses on prison have increased more than expenditures on elementary and secondary education. This news is incredibly troubling: if weíre not willing to put money into our schools, weíre setting our children up to fail. With more money being channeled into the corrections system than the education system, we reinforce the school to prison pipeline that has plagued minority students in struggling schools. To keep our kids out of corrections, we must fund their opportunities for a positive future, not a prison cell. More funding to Public education is a step in the right direction.


Lincoln Hills crisis continues

More troubling news came out of Lincoln Hills today, where a former psychologist was revealed to face no discipline after making crass comments about an inmates breasts. Said incident, where said psychologist mocked a mentally ill inmate who had run down the hallway naked, is unacceptable. The employees at Lincoln Hills are supposed to help our kids not mock them. Where is the accountability? Whatís going on in juvenile corrections is more than just a scandal, itís a crisis. Reducing the population at Lincoln Hills by treating many of our youth here at home will help them become productive and hopeful members of our society. I am working to expand the efforts I began in January to bring community-based visits to Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake. These visits ensure the kids have a connection with positive influences from their own community. Itís clear our current system isnít working. Letís work to find one that helps our kids, rather than causing them more harm.




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Rising Sun Camp 2016

     July 10 - 15

Solomon Community Temple United Methodist Church

3295 N Dr. Martin Luther King Dr, Milwaukee Wisconsin 53212    

Camp for children ages 10-14 who have one or both parents incarcerated. Contact Afi Dobbins at for more information.

National Night Out

August 2nd: 4pm-8pm at Lincoln Park Pavilion

Join me for free food, live music, giveaways, community resources and fun & games for the whole family! See more details here!



 Quote of the Week:

ďItís been happening forever. The only difference now is because we have video cameras to prove it.Ē

-Kaba Bah, Madison Black Lives Matter Protestor

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