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Sen. Lena Taylor

4th District


Fight for Wisconsin Workers lives on

Since coming into office, I have stood for the rights of workers across the state. As the daughter of a union employee, I could not sit back and watch as Governor Walker threatened democracy in our workforce. It was why I stood against Act 10 and other bills that damaged security for Wisconsin Workers. Even though the fight for Act 10 has ended, the fight for Worker’s rights in Wisconsin has not.   It is imperative that we continue to advocate for workers. It is a poor reflection of our society that someone working forty hours a week can live in poverty. I support a living wage; a wage I feel protects and provides for our most vulnerable communities. I invite you to join me in fighting for all of Wisconsin’s workers. Join my efforts to ensure tipped workers receive a minimum wage. Despite state law mandating that they receive a minimum wage after tips, 1 in 10 tipped employees report walking away from a shift without adequate compensation. I was appalled to hear this statistic, so this past session, I introduced legislation that would guarantee that tipped employees like bartenders and waitresses receive a minimum wage before they collect tips. Employers have been cheating tipped workers for too long and it’s long past time these workers are treated fairly. Together, we can make significant change for the rights of workers across the state.

More troubling news from Department of Corrections

This week featured more troubling news out of the Department of Corrections (DOC). Recently, the DOC has asked for permission to erase training records for its workers just one day after their creation. This news come directly after reports revealing the amount of money the DOC spends on paid leave for workers being investigated for misconduct. Said investigations often lump serious offenses with minor complaints and both can take months while the staffer in question is still being paid. With these two pieces of disturbing news, it is clearer than ever that our criminal justice system needs serious reform. We should be working to hold the DOC accountable, and that requires rapid response to suspected misconduct and access to public records. With Lincoln Hills in a state of crisis, the last thing our young people need is more secrecy about abuses in places meant to help them.

Walker's listening sessions need improvement

One of the most crucial parts of being a public servant is listening to your community. Throughout my time in office, feedback from my constituents has proven to be incredibly important as we work to shape policy. Without said input, both negative and positive, we fail as public servants to do what is best for the areas we represent. Due to this, I cannot help but criticize Governor Walker’s methods of obtaining community feedback. In his forums, Governor Walker uses an invite only policy that often fills his crowds with people who agree with his policies, rather than the community at large. By speaking only to the segment of Wisconsin citizens who support him, Governor Walker misses any chance to learn about negative issues impacting the state. No wonder he feels a disconnect between his poll ratings and his forums: his forums only contain his supporters! I implore Governor Walker to consider opening up his listening sessions to the general public at large if he truly wishes to understand the problems plaguing Wisconsin. Otherwise, he fails a large portion of the community he has sworn to represent.   

 More compliance needed for Federal Prison Rape Elimination Act

Last week Legislative Fiscal Bureau released an update on the Wisconsin Department of Corrections’ (DOC) compliance with the Federal Prison Rape Elimination Act. Said report showed a lack of compliance when it came to standards meant to protect both youth inmates in adult prisons and LBGTA inmates, especially those who identify as transgender. This is unacceptable. Our goal should be full compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act. Especially in light of the fact that our juvenile corrections facility is already under federal investigation, I am deeply concerned that DOC has not made any progress worth mentioning in a year and a half in protecting juvenile offenders from rape in adult institutions. I am also concerned that the department hasn’t figured out a better solution to keeping transgender inmates safe other than isolating them in segregated facilities. We can and must do better. We should not make these changes just because the feds are telling us to. We should make them because it’s the right thing to do.




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