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Victory against Voter I.D

A major victory came for the fight against Voter I.D. last week. U.S. District Court Judge Lynn Adelman made a preliminary ruling that those who lack a Voter I.D. may vote if they sign an affidavit attesting to their identity. This affidavit also requires they state the reason why they could not obtain an I.D. This is a major victory for Wisconsin Voters. When the State implemented these laws, they were a complete deviation from the transparent, open, and accessible democracy that has allowed our state to thrive. Voter I.D. laws do not eliminate voter fraud, instead they selectively disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of people. These laws have always disproportionately affected minorities, low-income families, the elderly and students.  As a result, I applaud this this ruling as it gives these communities power to access their ballot box in the major election this fall. While our final goal should be to overthrow these laws entirely, this ruling is a step in the right direction. As always, I am resolved to join my colleagues around the country who are fighting for unfettered access to the ballot box. I will not rest until all Wisconsinites who are eligible and desire to vote may do so, unimpeded.

Kelly named new judge

With Justice David Prosser retiring, a new spot has opened up on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. While our congress refuses to elect a nominee to the national Supreme Court until the next election season, Walker has no such reservations about nominating a replacement locally. This Friday he announced his pick, Dan Kelly. Kelly has no judicial experience and given his past opinions, his appointment proves concerning to say the least. Kelly has opposed gay marriage in the past, claiming the Supreme Court’s legalization would “eventually rob the institution of marriage of any discernible meaning”. He also has compared affirmative action to slavery. The fact that Walker has appointed a judge who thinks years of systematic, brutal, dehumanization is on par with an effort to level the playing field among disenfranchised groups is a disgrace. While both Kelly and Walker claim their positions are personal opinions and thus should not be considered, the fact that these personal opinions have influenced their policy in the past is more than enough proof that this claim is just a distraction. I implore Walker to consider why he believes this man to be an ideal candidates for the court and to reevaluate his criteria for such a position. We should be nominating those who will serve our people in a fair manner, not men who support a hateful agenda.

Public education remains crucial

Public Education has always been an issue I have invested in. After all, it is because of a public education that I am a Senator today. I have been unequivocally committed to funding, reforming, and supporting the K-12 education system during my years in the Senate. Throughout my career, I’ve secured $139 million for our school children. I have also worked to defend our schools against a Republican takeover of MPS. While it is true that our schools need reform, it is clear that the MPS takeover was the absolute wrong choice for our schools. While many have stated they support public education, talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. The role that our schools and teachers play in our children’s future should not be understated. Education can break the cycle of poverty and violence. It can mean the difference between a lifetime behind bars and a lifetime serving our community. When I find myself frustrated and upset by attacks on our schools, I remind myself of the powerful notion that a good education can change lives. As we move forward, I promise to continue advocating for our schools. Our children deserve a quality education. With advocacy and support, we can work to make that a reality.

Common-sense gun control widely supported

During this year, it has become clearer than ever that gun violence is plaguing in our country. Gun violence has claimed too many lives and ruined many more. From mass shootings to violence on the streets of Milwaukee, it has become more crucial than ever to implement reform when it comes to firearm ownership. I have always believed that it is possible to uphold our Second Amendment rights while also implementing common sense gun laws. Laws-like mandatory background checks, and keeping guns out of the hands of convicted domestic abusers-strengthen the safety of our communities without punishing responsible gun owners. I am not alone in this belief; a recent poll from the Associated Press shows that two thirds of their respondents agree with me. Many Americans on both sides of the political divide want better gun control for our nation, and as their representatives, we should work to provide it for them. It is possible to uphold the Second Amendment for our responsible gun owners and pass common sense gun control laws.





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Wisconsin citizens want a justice they can trust to apply the law equally and without prejudice. Dan Kelly most certainly does not inspire confidence in this regard.”

-Rep. Dana Wachs (D-Eau Claire), Democratic member of the Assembly Committee on Judiciary

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