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Youth work to end violence in their community

Thousands around the country participated in national gun violence awareness day May 2. The day called for people to wear orange in support of ending gun violence. 
It warms my heart to see our Milwaukee youth also working to end violence in their communities. Their commitment is just like the friends of student Hadiya Pendleton, credited for starting the #WearOrange movement in honor of their friend's lost life to gun violence. The Boys and Girls club of Greater Milwaukee developed a play addressing violence in their city. When our youth channel their energy into the arts it reminds us that together, our voices can make a difference in the community.

Our youth are powerful and their lives are valuable. We should continue to support and work to make our communities a safer place. While our youth work from their end, I will continue to work from mine. Last year, there were 125 gun related homicides in Milwaukee. Numbers like this motivate my legislation to strengthen gun control.

I want to remove guns from the hands of domestic abusers, require background checks for all types of firearm purchases, and support micro-stamping technology, as well as other countermeasures to prevent gun violence. Let us all do our part to end violence in our communities.

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Stakeholders discuss Wisconsin job development

More opportunity for high-demand industry work is expanding to our state and I want to keep the ball rolling. This week I was proud to be in the room with Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez and Senator Tammy Baldwin as we, alongside other stakeholders, discussed job development for the state of Wisconsin. I give huge thanks to the secretary for the Compete Midwest grant, which uses federal dollars to move people into work and apprenticeship. Wisconsin is one of 51 states, territories and the District of Columbia to receive this grant. Target industries include advanced manufacturing, healthcare, IT, construction and transportation. Some successes include a culinary apprenticeship through UrbanAG and the Northwestern Mutual Project that certainly changed lives for the better. We will continue to enable many others to do the same.

DNR works to remove lead service lines in Milwaukee

We need clean water for the assurance of health in our communities. I welcome, the Department of National Resources as a partner in this effort to help Milwaukee deal with its hazardous lead service pipes. With collaboration, this problem can be resolved. We need to replace pipes that continue to send dangerous water to our homes, day cares, schools and the rest of our city. I will continue to discuss my concerns and offer my assistance for the completion of this initiative. My priority is always to improve our community lives and environment. 

Click here to read DNR secretary Cathy Stepp’s column about the DNR lead pipe abatement efforts:





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