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Sen. Lena Taylor

4th District

Senate coming to an end, many bills left untouched

Republican speaker of the Assembly, Robin Vos, pledged that the Assembly will be done for the remainder of the legislative session even though there are two more months of session left on our calendar. Now, the State Senate has about 200 bills left to consider and the untold story of what’s not even on our radar is the saddest of all. Here are just two of the bills that mean a lot to me that Republicans will not be taking up. The first, Higher Ed, Lower Debt would allow people to refinance their student loans to get the lowest possible interest rate, just like people do with their homes. The second bill, Milwaukee Summer Reading Project, would provide over $1 million to the Milwaukee Summer Reading Project, which helps struggling kids improve their reading during the summer so they don’t fall behind their classmates at the beginning of the school year. Republicans have showed us time and time again where their priorities stand and these priorities are far from helping our youth.


Republican-controlled Senate focusing on the wrong problems

Instead of solving the real problems affecting Wisconsin’s families, Republicans are putting their efforts elsewhere. The bills they are choosing to focus on include the Republican College “Affordability” package, Dementia and Alzheimer’s bills, Photo ID’s on FoodShare Cards, High-capacity well deregulation, and requiring the WIAA to be subject to public records law. While I respect the motivations behind some of these bills, such as the Dementia and Alzheimer’s bill, do we really need to spend $3.6 million dollars on research while we are cutting millions from education? This lack of compassion and misplaced priorities pains me. Unlike the Republicans, I will fight until the end for what is best for our families.


Walker’s voter ID law denies 90 year old veteran the right to vote

During last week’s primary election, a 90 year old veteran of World War II was turned away from the polls for bringing his veteran’s ID card, not a state issued ID. While the veteran’s ID card does show his photo, it is not considered acceptable voting ID under our state’s law which went into effect in 2014. It is absolutely outrageous to me that a proud patriot who has served our country would be denied the right to vote for lacking a state issued ID card. The Senate will be voting next month on legislation that allows voters to use veteran’s ID cards as identification. The number of people who have been denied their right to vote because of Wisconsin’s voter ID laws is truly embarrassing, and I am going to push to ensure that everyone—including our veterans—can exercise their right to vote.


Protecting our babies in the community

Seven months ago, the Trauma Response Team was created and it has already helped nearly 40 families in our community. The Trauma Response Team pairs our Milwaukee police officers with county mental health professionals and offers assistance and referrals for counseling to those who choose to take advantage of these valuable services. The team helps children who have witnessed shootings, car crashes, or other traumatic events and would like to utilize these resources. Since the creation of the Trauma Response Team, they have had contact with more than 100 families and about one-third of these families have taken full advantage of the program. Only 10% of the people who were offered assistance have declined any involvement. Witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event can have a lifelong ramifications, so it is very important that we take care of the mental state of our youth. The Trauma Response Team is doing exactly that.


Senator Harris Dodd announces she will not seek reelection

I am honored to have served with my Soror, Senator Harris Dodd. Our legislative journey together and life journey as individuals have been so similar that I truly feel the awesome chapter she has embarked on in her life.  As a Soror, fellow sister and mother, and Senate colleague, I understand and respect her choice not to seek reelection. I thank her for her sacrifice and commitment and I am truly excited for her as she begins this next chapter in her life. I wish Senator Harris Dodd all the best as she moves on to enjoy love and family.




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