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4th District

The Fight against Gun Violence

Milwaukee alone lost 145 people to violence in 2015, a 69% increase from 2014, the highest number of homicides in the last twenty years. Milwaukee families deserve to feel safe in their own homes and neighborhoods. Gun violence and gun owner irresponsibility take an enormous toll in many areas including life, education, and economic mobility. This is why I have recently announced a package of four bills that are aimed at tackling gun violence in our community and across the state. The first one, No Fly, No Buy, prohibits those who are on the federal terrorist watch list from purchasing firearms. The second bill would remove a major loophole in gun sales through private sellers and require background checks for all firearm purchases. The third bill would specify the minimum training hours and maximum classroom sizes for concealed carry courses. These measures will help establish guidelines to inform permit applicants of safe gun handling, storage, and risks of carrying. And the final bill in the package would require any concealed carry applicant to have general liability insurance of at least $800,000 to cover injury, death, or property damage that may arise from a permit holder’s negligent use of a firearm. The violence in Milwaukee and our state cannot be allowed to escalate. Everyone deserves to feel safe.

Mobile Black History Museum to make 3-day tour of Wisconsin

I am excited to announce a partnership that will bring American Legacy’s “Know Your History” Mobile Truck Exhibit on a tour of Wisconsin. This event is free and open to the public and the truck, when parked, becomes a traveling museum with artifacts, memorabilia, photographs, and art aligned with American Legacy magazine that celebrates the African-American experience. On Saturday, February 20, from 11am – 6pm the mobile museum will be at Friendship, Inc (2245 W. Fond Du Lac Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53206). At this stop Molina Healthcare will also provide free community health and dental screenings. Afterward there will be a performance of the stage play “The Making of a Modern Day Slave” produced by Voices of Fatherless Child. The last stop will be on Sunday, February 21, from 12pm – 5pm at Lincoln Hills Juvenile Correctional Facility. Please take advantage of the opportunity to see this exhibit if you are able!

DoC: Department of Cruelty?

February 12 was a historic and potentially tragic day for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. The FBI announced they will be taking over the DOJ investigation. Shortly after, the Department of Corrections made Secretary Ed Wall’s resignation public. In his resignation, Secretary Wall stated it was time for the DOC to “turn the page.” Unfortunately, I fear that that Governor Walker turned the page backwards instead forward by appointing former DOC Secretary Jon Litscher to fill Wall’s position. As Secretary of Corrections under Thompson, Litscher was successfully sued for violating the 8th Amendment to the United States Constitution. A federal court ruled that the treatment of the residents at Wisconsin’s SuperMax prison amounted to cruel and unusual punishment. I believe in giving people second chances. And that is why I have scheduled a meeting with Mr. Litscher. I plan to put it to him like this: you can either do it like you did more than a decade ago and be the Secretary of Cruel and Unusual Punishment, or you can turn the page and be the Secretary of Corrections. I truly hope that the leopard changes his spots and will do his job differently this time.

Victim Notification of Parole Revocation

One of the highlights in this busy week of non-stop sessions was the passing of my bill, for victim notification of parole revocation. This bill notifies all crime victims when their offenders’ parole is revoked. Under current law, a victim is notified when their offended is released on parole, but not when parole is revoked. SB 377 closes this gap by allowing victims to be notified when the offender is sent back to prison. This will help alleviate victims’ fear that their offender is out on the streets and in many cases help restore a sense of safety. In Wisconsin in 2012, there were 15,969 violent crimes reported including murder, rape, aggravated assault and robbery. On top of that, there were 139,102 property crimes reported in Wisconsin in 2012 including theft, burglary, motor vehicle theft and arson. For every one of these crimes there is also a victim, and the passage of SB 377 is a victory for each of these victims.




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40 Years of Saz's State House Restaurant! Saz's is celebrating its 40th Anniversary with live music and food and drink specials throughout the month of March! More info here.

Woolly Bear Fest: Face painting, a log fire, light snacks and family friendly fun can be found on the river Saturday February 20th from 11am to 3pm. Details here.

Kohl's Art Generation Lab: Haitian Art Exhibition highlighting one of the most notable collections of Haitian art since the massive earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010. Saturdays in February, 12pm-3pm. More info here. 


 Video of the Week:

 The Victim Notification of Parole Revocation bill is headed to the Governor, click the video below to hear me talk about it on Taylor Talks


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