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4th District

A ray of hope for job seekers with a criminal record Wednesday, one ray of hope emerged from a batch of unfortunate bills that were passed in the Wisconsin State Senate. Along with the detrimental changes to the state’s civil service law that passed with Assembly Bill 373, the State Legislature banned the box for state jobs. This is huge. Banning the box that asks applicants to indicate if they have ever been convicted of a felony is a long-fought battle of mine. I truly believe if you've done a crime and done your time, you deserve another chance. That's why last week I reintroduced my Ban the Box bill to the Senate. Governor Walker indicated that he will ban the box for state workers and when he does, it will give hope to many Milwaukeeans. A job with the State of Wisconsin may be within reach in the near future.

At the federal level, President Barack Obama is also fighting to ban the box and in Congress Wisconsin’s own Senator Ron Johnson is working toward the same thing on federal employment applications. Banning the box is truly something I believe will improve our community. I’ve been fighting to Ban the Box for years and yesterday was just the first of many victories. If you know anything about me you know that I won’t stop. The next step is to ban the box for local governments including our own public school districts and all private sector employers.

Governor Walker’s neglect shows in State of the State address Tuesday, Governor Scott Walker delivered his sixth State of the State Address. Instead of the laundry list of empty claims our Governor voiced, he should have said two simple words: “I’m sorry.” He should apologize for saying Wisconsin is open for business while ushering in a 5-year high of private sector layoffs. Governor Walker should also apologize for saying we should transform education. He has made the largest cuts to public education in the history of Wisconsin, leading to poor literacy rates and a drastic drop in ACT scores. Finally, he should apologize for failing to focus on running Wisconsin’s government, which led to financial abuse at WEDC and physical abuse at Lincoln Hills Juvenile Detention Center.

I believe the state of our state can be summed up in one word; neglected.

Strip search bill strips people of human dignity Wednesday, the Wisconsin State Senate approved a bill that removes the 12-hour waiting period for strip-searching persons in police custody. I passionately opposed Senate Bill 248 and spoke at length against it on Wednesday. Republicans say the goal of this bill is to make police and inmates safer by preventing drugs and weapons from getting into jails, but if the problems we’ve been having with strip searches in Milwaukee are any indication, this bill only opens the door to targeting black people.

Recently, 74 individuals received a settlement of over $5 million because they were raped while being subjected to a strip search. I believe this settlement does not even come close to righting this wrong and by removing the 12-hour waiting period for strip searches of detainees who are not previously convicted felons we only invite the opportunity for new wrongs. When you strip-search someone you strip them of more than their clothes, you strip them of their dignity.

Republicans vote to take funds from Planned Parenthood week, my Republican colleagues passed legislation to take federal funds from Planned Parenthood. In their effort to undermine the Supreme Court’s opinion that abortion is legal, they are crippling an organization that does so much more. These cuts will impact services, from birth control to health care that Planned Parenthood clinics provide around our state. I know many women depend on these services, and I fought hard to bring my predominantly male, Republican colleagues to understand how their actions, which supposedly “protect life”, will actually do the exact opposite.




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