101 Bills Passed into Law

Lena’s bold brand of leadership has resulted in passage of 101 bills into a law in her 13 years in office and she’s not stopping there. In the 2015 Legislative Session, Lena introduced 132 bills and resolutions. You can see the full list of her current bills here. You can see all 101 bills she’s helped pass into law below:


  Session Date Enacted Bill Relating Clause
1 2007 November 13, 2007 AB-393 Circuit court branches added in Barron, Chippewa, Dodge, Green, Juneau, Monroe, and St. Croix counties
2 2007 March 25, 2008 SB-402 Thompson, Georgia: $228,792.62 claim for damages re defense of federal criminal charges
3 2007 March 26, 2008 AB-39 Pending paternity proceedings: access to DWD and county child support agencies increased
4 2007 March 31, 2008 AB-442 Special distinguishing registration plates supporting the efforts of Donate Life Wisconsin and organ and tissue donation; annual audited financial statement, fee, and DOT provisions
5 2007 April 2, 2008 SB-366 Appropriation bonds issued by populous county to pay for unfunded prior service liability re county employee retirement system authorized; conditions, report, and DOR duties
6 2009 April 28, 2009 SB-36 Drug violation re Uniform Controlled Substances Act: court or DOT may suspend motor vehicle operating privilege
7 2009 May 28, 2009 SB-161 Milwaukee County enrollment services unit established in DHS re administration of income maintenance and state supplemental payment programs; DCF may contract with DHS to administer child care subsidy program in Milwaukee County; county civil service employees and collective bargaining agreement provisions; JSCRS appendix report
8 2009 June 12, 2009 SB-37 Judgments in municipal courts and traffic courts: payment in installments if defendant is unable to pay because of poverty; operating privilege suspension provisions
9 2009 June 12, 2009 SB-49 Civil service commission of 1st class city: certification of eligible candidates for vacant positions modified
10 2009 July 3, 2009 AB-122 Appellate time limits and procedure revisions
11 2009 July 3, 2009 AB-123 Appellate procedures integrated re commitments of persons found not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect and commitments of sexually violent persons
12 2009 July 3, 2009 AB-124 Appellate procedure revisions re review of orders denying motion to suppress evidence or challenging admissibility of the statement of a defendant or juvenile in certain circumstances
13 2009 October 30, 2009 SB-369 Appellate time limits and procedure revisions: 2009 WisAct 25 modification
14 2009 November 23, 2009 SB-370 Grants for improving pupil academic achievement: MPS to apply to DPI instead of DOA
15 2009 November 23, 2009 SB-371 Cooperative research on education programs and statewide student data system: DPI, U.W. System, TCS, and Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities to enter into written agreement; privacy provisions
16 2009 November 23, 2009 SB-372 Standardized examinations of pupils: results used to evaluate teacher performance permitted; school board to develop a teacher evaluation plan, collective bargaining provision
17 2009 November 23, 2009 SB-373 Charter school establishment or contract for establishment of: school board required to consider the principles and standards established by the National Association of Charter School Authorizers
18 2009 November 25, 2009 AB-8 TID number 72 in City of Milwaukee: DOR required to proceed and not certify a value increment before certain date
19 2009 December 15, 2009 AB-164 Child placed in the home of a relative: granting the relative the same procedural rights as a foster parent re notice of intent to remove the child and review of decisions and orders involving placement and care
20 2009 December 15, 2009 AB-297 Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Program grants from DCF to counties and Indian tribes revised
21 2009 December 15, 2009 SB-170 Juneteenth Day (June 19) added to list of legal holidays
22 2009 December 15, 2009 SB-241 ATV definition modified
23 2009 December 15, 2009 SB-259 Comptroller, office of: elective office created for counties with population over 750,000; duties specified
24 2009 December 28, 2009 SB-204 Housing discrimination based on person's status as a victim of domestic abuse, sexual assault, or stalking prohibited
25 2009 February 18, 2010 AB-177 Operating privilege revocation for fourth offense OAR, OWS, or OWD: court-ordered revocation made permissive and DOT administrative revocation requirement eliminated
26 2009 February 18, 2010 AB-178 Motor vehicle operating privileges: seizure of license by court or law enforcement modified; nonresident, reinstatement, and DOT provisions
27 2009 February 18, 2010 AB-229 Home-prepared or home-canned acidic fruits or vegetables sold at community events or farmers' markets: exemption from food processing plant license requirement; income, labeling, and DATCP provisions
28 2009 February 18, 2010 AB-364 Offender Reentry, Council on: report requirements revised
29 2009 February 18, 2010 SB-184 Radiography practice regulated and Radiography Examining Board created; limited X-ray machine operator permit and exceptions provisions
30 2009 February 25, 2010 SB-182 Intentional torts: time limit for bringing an action increased
31 2009 February 25, 2010 SB-191 Podiatrists: civil liability immunity for providing aid at certain athletic events, privileged communication with patients, certify to DOT that applicant is fit to teach driving, may diagnose illness or injury for DVA purposes, may submit statement for specialized hunting permit, added to list of enumerated providers of sickness care, insurers to give equal weight to certifications of disability by, added to list of free choice providers for persons eligible for MA; Podiatrists Affiliated Credentialing Board renamed Podiatry Affiliated Credentialing Board
32 2009 March 3, 2010 AB-323 Sex offender registrants required to provide email accounts and Internet addresses of every Web site maintained by the registrant for personal or household use and all Internet user names
33 2009 March 10, 2010 AB-458 Human growth and development instruction: school board may offer if it provides medically accurate information and addresses specified topics; notification required if not offered; instruction by volunteer health care provider, definitions, and State Superintendent duties provisions
34 2009 March 17, 2010 AB-419 Sexual assault victims: court prohibited from ordering a psychiatric evaluation as a condition of giving testimony, defense cannot compel a pretrial interview or deposition, admissibility of sexual conduct in civil action seeking damages
35 2009 March 24, 2010 SB-244 Highway specific information sign authorization eliminated for certain portion of STH 21
36 2009 March 24, 2010 SB-410 "Jeannetta Simpson-Robinson Memorial Highway": DOT to designate and mark portion of I 43 within the City of Milwaukee
37 2009 March 29, 2010 AB-471 Mortgage broker agency relationship with residential mortgage loan applicant and duties to the borrower
38 2009 March 29, 2010 SB-168 Barber or cosmetologist apprentices: supervision of modified
39 2009 March 29, 2010 SB-332 Legal custody and physical placement study required to be submitted to both the court and the parties and be offered in accordance with the rules of evidence
40 2009 May 5, 2010 SB-267 "Plumbing" definition revised and classifying plumbers to do certain work re stormwater or reclaimed water
41 2009 May 5, 2010 SB-423 Public library board for 1st class city: county board of supervisors member requirement modified; majority of seats currently filled constitutes a quorum
42 2009 May 5, 2010 SB-452 Food sold by licensed child welfare facility: sales and use tax exemptions created; JSCTE appendix report
43 2009 May 5, 2010 SB-477 Abandoned employee retirement accounts of a retirement system of a 1st class city may be retained by the retirement system; JSCRS appendix report
44 2009 May 5, 2010 SB-617 Veterans mentoring program: privileged communication provisions created
45 2009 May 13, 2010 SB-437 State Superintendent of Public Instruction authorized to direct school boards in districts in need of improvement for several consecutive years to implement a new curriculum, instructional design, and certain professional development programs; also make personnel changes and adopt accountability measures; state aid provision
46 2009 May 19, 2010 SB-457 Business advertising sign in highway right-of-way prohibited, exceptions and penalty provisions
47 2009 May 19, 2010 SB-505 Emission inspection and maintenance program revision re who is allowed to perform; temporary vehicle emission inspection exemptions permitted
48 2009 May 21, 2010 SB-464 Temporary Restraining Orders and injunctions regarding domestic abuse, child abuse, adult at risk, or harassment: petition law revisions
49 2009 May 21, 2010 SB-478 Commitment of prison inmate: alternative petition procedure modified; jail and house of corrections provision
50 2009 May 21, 2010 SB-631 Biological specimen for DNA analysis: requirement does not expire when completing probation, sentence, or delinquency disposition, or being released from commitment; DA may petition court to compel certain persons to provide a sample; procedure specified
51 2009 May 24, 2010 SB-121 Center on Education and Work at U.W. Madison to establish a career conversations program for students in grades 7-12; requirements, evaluation, sunset, and report provisions
52 2009 May 25, 2010 SB-323 Newborn hearing screening required; State Laboratory of Hygiene duties specified
53 2009 May 26, 2010 SB-375 Electronic records in CCAP and Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System: DCF and Director of State Courts to enter into agreement to allow for the transfer of, confidentiality and penalty provisions
54 2009 May 26, 2010 SB-379 School closings and reopenings: school board required to notify DPI
55 2009 May 26, 2010 SB-407 Academic excellence higher education scholarship eligibility revised re alternates and date school must designate a scholar
56 2009 May 26, 2010 SB-472 Uniform Commercial Code: general provisions repealed and recreated (article 1)
57 2009 May 26, 2010 SB-473 Uniform Interstate Family Support Act updates
58 2009 May 26, 2010 SB-480 Uniform Commercial Code: documents of title provisions revised (article 7)
59 2009 May 26, 2010 SB-541 Sale of personal property or real estate to satisfy a judgment: public notice to include county, town, or municipality Web site
60 2009 May 26, 2010 SB-578 Veterans Programs, Council on: representative of the Blinded Veterans Association of Wisconsin added
61 2009 May 26, 2010 SB-622 Raffle: annual limit on Class B raffle revised
62 2009 May 26, 2010 SB-670 Wills and trusts of decedents who died in calendar year 2010: provisions re the repeal of federal estate tax for 2010 only
63 2009 May 27, 2010 AB-701 Insurance law revisions including repeal of Interstate Insurance Receivership Compact, HIRSP assessments paid by health insurers, insurance security fund, long-term care insurance re MA applicant assets, fraternal insurance organization voting, reinstatement of insurance intermediary license, continuation coverage under a group health insurance policy, town mutual merges, and motor vehicle insurance
64 2009 May 27, 2010 SB-163 Colorectal cancer examinations and laboratory tests: health insurance policies and plans required to cover; conditions and OCI and DHS duties
65 2009 May 27, 2010 SB-348 Marina condominium provisions modified
66 2009 May 27, 2010 SB-358 Speech-language pathologists and audiologists regulations and audiology license and temporary license revisions; Council on Speech Language Pathology and Audiology eliminated
67 2009 May 27, 2010 SB-524 Electronic communication service and remote computing service: judge authorized to issue subpoena or warrant requiring provider to produce or disclose certain information; definition and civil liability immunity provisions
68 2009 May 27, 2010 SB-533 Crime alert network created by DOJ to provide information on certain criminal activity, crime prevention, and missing or endangered persons to state agencies, law enforcement, and the private sector; fee and FTE provisions
69 2009 May 27, 2010 SB-552 Consideration for purpose of gambling does not include an employee's referral of a potential customer to the employee's employer
70 2009 May 27, 2010 SB-587 Commercial real estate lien revisions; correction instrument provisions created; application to widen, extend, or lay out a street, alley, or other specified public place to include a lis pendens
71 2009 June 1, 2010 SB-383 Municipal court administration, judges, and procedures revised
72 2009 June 1, 2010 SB-424 Sport shooting range regulations
73 2009 June 1, 2010 SB-528 Electronic voting by cooperative members permitted
74 2011 April 14, 2011 SB-11 TID number 72 in City of Milwaukee: DOR required to proceed and not certify a value increment before certain date
75 2011 November 14, 2011 SB-259 Comptroller, office of: elective office created for counties with population over 750,000; duties specified
76 2011 November 23, 2011 SB-224 Shorewood, Village of: local levy limit exception re assessment error
77 2011 April 4, 2012 SB-307 Foreclosure on abandoned properties: redemption period and court procedures modified
78 2011 April 16, 2012 SB-416 Uniform Commercial Code: 2010 amendments to Article 9 adopted
79 2011 April 16, 2012 SB-522 Tuberculocidal disinfectant: Barbering and Cosmetology Examining Board prohibited from promulgating rule requiring use in such an establishment
80 2011 April 19, 2012 SB-378 Surplus lines insurance, automobile insurance, and insurance security fund revisions
81 2011 April 19, 2012 SB-394 Assistant DA pay progression plan established
82 2011 April 19, 2012 SB-398 Administrative suspension of motor vehicle operating privileges: attending review hearing in person or by telephone or submitting objections in writing allowed
83 2013 July 6, 2013 AB-20 the notice and degree requirements for the examination to practice as a certified public accountant
84 2013 July 6, 2013 SB-116 remittance transfers under the Uniform Commercial Code Article 4A, relating to funds transfers
85 2013 November 8, 2013 AB-22 Municipal Court Fees
86 2013 December 7, 2013 SB-274 Funding and position authority for vocational rehabilitation services and making an appropriation
87 2013 February 24, 2014 SB-395 Cosmetologist training hours and exemption of makeup artists from barbering and cosmetology licensure requirements.
88 2013 March 14, 2014 SB-73 An income and franchise tax credit for workplace wellness programs, granting rule-making authority, and requiring the exercise of rule-making authority.
89 2013 April 3, 2014 SB-252 Authorizing a city or village to require the Department of Revenue to redetermine the value of the tax incremental base of certain tax incremental districts
90 2013 April 4, 2014 SB-300 Copayments, deductibles, or coinsurance for oral chemotherapy and injected or intravenous chemotherapy
91 2013 April 9, 2014 SB-237 Relating to: requirements concerning barbering and cosmetology licensure
92 2013 April 9, 2014 SB-367 Distributing a sexually explicit image without consent and providing a penalty.
93 2013 April 9, 2014 SB-373 Law enforcement standards and requiring the exercise of rule-making authority
94 2013 April 17, 2014 AB-464 Providing notice of firearm prohibition when serving notice for certain injunction hearings and process for surrendering firearms following the granting of certain injunctions.
95 2013 April 17, 2014 SB-434 Requirements and local ordinances related to certificates of food protection practices.
96 2013 April 24, 2014 AB-409 Investigation of deaths involving a law enforcement officer.
97 2013 April 24, 2014 SB-387 Use of special identification cards for persons with physical disabilities
98 2013 April 24, 2014 SB-482 Snowmobile safety program field training requirements
99 2013 April 24, 2014 SB-599 Accessing and obtaining patient health records by public defenders
100 2015 April 12, 2016 AB-652 Providing to a victim notification when an offender's extended supervision or parole is revoked
101 2015 April 20, 2016 AB-667 Model procedures for investigating reports of abuse or neglect involving children with disabilities





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