Senator Taylor Calls for Support of AB 30

(MADISON) –  Senator Taylor (D-Milwaukee) is calling for support for Assembly Bill 30, which she is co-sponsoring. This legislation would create a procedure for granting certificates of qualification for employment (CQE) for individuals convicted of crimes.

The bill, which was discussed in the Assembly Committee on Corrections public hearing on October 1st, seeks to reform current statutes that bar or disadvantage individuals that have been convicted of a crime from pursuing certain types of employment, occupational licensing, or occupational certification.

The goal of this legislation is to break down barriers to employment, increase opportunities for individuals being reintroduced into the community, fight the vicious cycle of prison recidivism, and address the labor needs of Wisconsin employers. In practice, AB 30 would create a Council on Offender Employment to issue CQE’s that make it easier for individuals who committed non-violent offenses to find employment after they have been released from a correctional facility.

Senator Taylor released the following statement: “Equal access to opportunity sits at the heart of this country’s promise to its citizens. AB 30 is a step in the right direction to ensuring that no Wisconsinite is denied a second chance, and that people are defined not by their past mistakes, but rather, by how they pursue a more virtuous future.”

It’s time for Wisconsin to follow the efforts of other states who have enacted such legislation, and enjoy the wide-ranging benefits of making good on its promise to its citizens while also bolstering the statewide workforce. Consequently, Senator Taylor is thrilled to help lead the charge of support for this important legislation. AB 30 is currently awaiting an executive session vote in the Assembly Committee on Corrections.


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