Taylor Concerned About Republican Overreach
Walker’s “Would-If-I-Could” Attitude Deeply Troubling

(MADISON) – In response to today’s announcement that Governor Walker will hold the special elections to fill vacant legislative seats and the cancellation of the Senate’s extraordinary session next week, Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement:

“With the majority that Republicans hold in the state legislature, they have the ability to pass any legislation they want. For a governor of any party to work with the legislature to undermine a judicial ruling, is outrageous. Their plan would have set a precedent that could have grave long-term consequences.”

“My office has received calls from people as far away as New Jersey that were concerned about the Governor’s actions. Ultimately, Walker has now consented to hold the special elections, but this window into how far Republican legislators are willing to go to retain power is both scary and simply unbelievable.”




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