Senator Taylor Responds to Walker’s Twitter Rant, “We Need Leadership, Not a Twitter Fight.”

(MADISON) –Last week, Governor Scott Walker took to Twitter and criticized NFL players and those who support them for their decision to peacefully protest against police brutality.

Following the event, Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) made the following statement:

“So Governor Walker didn’t have time to defend Harley-Davidson, but he has time to blow dog whistles.  While draping himself in the ignorance of Donald Trump’s themes of racial division, bigotry and disregard for the rights of others to peacefully protest, Walker’s calls to be honorable and stand up ring hollow.  Because when police officers have made egregious decisions, like those that led to the death of Derek Williams in the back of a Milwaukee squad car, Walker didn’t speak about respect or honor, and he definitely didn’t stand up.

Clearly he missed the memo, so I will give it to him again.  Kneeling has nothing to do with the military, never has and never did.  In fact, it was Green Beret and NFL player Nate Boyer who asked Colin Kaepernick to "take a knee," rather than sit, during the national anthem.  STOP trying to co-opt the message!  The kneeling was to protest police killings of unarmed African Americans. I don’t know, like Botham Shem Jean, who was shot and killed by a Dallas police officer who mistakenly entered his apartment.  Other bullets on the memo include, prior to 2009 NFL players being on the field for the national anthem wasn’t even a required practice.  Also there are some lyrics in the song, that some African-Americans have found to be objectionable.  Like, the reference to former slaves being killed on the battlefield. 

Everyone else may not hear it, but Walker’s decision to weigh in deeper on this issue is coming through loud and clear.  I would appreciate it, if both the Governor and Lt. Governor Kleefisch would not use this issue as political fodder to stir up racial division and angst in our state.  Wisconsin already does a pretty good job at segregation.  With racial disparities in everything from education to incarceration, we need leadership, not a Twitter fight.”



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