House Republicans Advance Tax Plan, Continue Nationwide Push to Benefit Wealthy on the Backs of the Working Class

(MADISON) – Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee), issued the following statement after the U.S. House of Representatives passed the GOP tax plan.

“The GOP, whether in D.C. or here in Wisconsin, has continued to prioritize wealthy and corporate interests at the expense of middle and working class Americans. The tax plan passed by the House will give 83 percent of the tax benefits for the top one percent of income earners, all while hiking taxes for more than half of all Americans by the end of the decade.

“While I am disappointed, I am not shocked by the GOP’s behavior. Here at home, Governor Scott Walker asked Wisconsinites to sacrifice quality schools and roads in order to give away $3 billion to Foxconn. The Governor did this knowing that Wisconsin ranks dead last in the nation for business startup activity and has trailed the nation in private sector job creation for six consecutive years. Kansas, Wisconsin, or D.C., it is no surprise that the GOP would put corporations and the wealthy first, regardless of the cost to everyone else.”


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