Joins Democrats in Petition Drive to Save Program 
(MADISON) Today, Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee), ranking Democrat on the Joint Finance Committee expressed her frustration and disappointment with Governor Walker’s second attempt to limit the SeniorCare program. The Governor’s budget forces Wisconsin seniors onto Medicare Part D, a move which would reduce their coverage and increase their costs, as well as defunding the program by $15 million. 
“SeniorCare was created to ensure our parents and grandparents don’t have to choose between buying groceries and picking up their medications. I believe SeniorCare has saved lives – but once again, we have to fight to save it,” said Taylor. “The people of Wisconsin deserve affordable access to prescription drugs. SeniorCare delivers that better than any program in the country. The Governor is pushing a proposal that will hurt seniors financially and ultimately, that stands to affect their health and well-being.”
Taylor noted that SeniorCare provides low-cost, life-saving prescription drugs to approximately 85,000 Wisconsin residents aged 65 or older. Unlike Part D, SeniorCare has a simple enrollment process, a $30 annual enrollment fee, income-based deductibles and co-payments of just $5 for generic medications.  SeniorCare has no strict enrollment period or penalty and no gaps in coverage. Most participants save hundreds of dollars each year by utilizing SeniorCare’s prescription drug benefits instead of Medicare Part D.
“Wisconsin is able to save money by negotiating the lowest prices for prescription drugs, something the federal government cannot do,” Taylor continued. “These negotiations save taxpayers millions of dollars every year. We have a rare situation where we can provide a quality service for senior citizens while also saving money – don’t try to fix what isn’t broken.”
Taylor joins fellow Democratic members in the petition drive to save the program. Concerned citizens may fill out the petition on Taylor’s webpage: or may request petition sheets by emailing Senator Taylor at or by calling her office at (608) 266-5810.

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