(MADISON) – Today, Republicans on the Joint Committee on Finance rubber stamped Governor Scott Walker’s removal of $731,600 in funds for the Pretrial Intoxicated Driver Intervention Program, also known as the Intensive Supervision Program (ISP). Furthermore, the move transfers the program from the Department of Transportation to the Department of Health Services, where it will have to compete with several others for funding, including several in Milwaukee. Below is Senator Lena Taylor’s (D-Milwaukee) statement on her vote against the provision today:

“The Intensive Supervision Program keeps our streets safer and saves money. The ISP is proof that Governor Walker’s ‘lock them up and throw away the key’ mentality, is bad for Wisconsin. It’s time Governor Walker and Republicans stop being tough on crime and start being smart on crime. Fewer drunk drivers on the roads mean we can invest more money in our schools instead of our prisons.

“Investing in programs that save money and make our streets safer is a no-brainer. Pitting mental health programs against those that fight drug and alcohol abuse is quite simply irresponsible public policy and will likely have a significant negative impact on Milwaukee.”


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