Taylor Questions Committee’s Decision to Ignore Public Safety, Mental Health 
(MADISON) Senate Republicans moved swiftly today to pass Senate Bill 35 in the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety. SB 35 would eliminate current 48 hour waiting period required by law to do a background check on potential firearm buyers. Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement after the committee recommended passage in a 3-2 vote:
“Not including background checks all types of firearms, ignoring the public safety and the mental health needs of our state is downright irresponsible. Polling showed that even nearly three questers (74%) of NRA members support requiring background checks for all gun sales. And at a time when a lagging economy and stagnant wages in our state increase the stress which leads to mental health issues, we should be protecting the people of Wisconsin, rather than eliminating the time which can help reduce tragic incidents of suicide and domestic violence.”
“I wish that this committee and the full legislature would focus the same ferocity that is being used on this bill to tackle the real issues that the people of Wisconsin are facing. We should be voting on proposals that invest in the things that improve communities like our kid’s schools and quality health care, or create good paying jobs that grow our economy.”


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