Taylor Commends MMSD and City on Pledge

(Milwaukee) – Today, Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) applauded the City of Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) for their commitment to investing in Green Infrastructure. These critical dollars will go to developing the region’s current green projects, and lay the groundwork for future sustainable projects.  

Taylor, a Commissioner at MMSD knows first-hand how effective these projects can be, noting that “not only will this new infrastructure help to protect our environment and city from deterioration and pollution, but MMSD estimates that this investment will create 500 green maintenance jobs and 160 construction jobs on average each year. This plan charts a sustainable and economically viable path for Milwaukee’s future.”

Already an internationally recognized water hub, Milwaukee leads the nation in projects that capture storm and polluted waste water, keeping unwanted water out of resident’s homes, city sewers, and regional waterways. The city is being recognized with two others, New York and Philadelphia, for their combined investment of over $5 billion towards green projects.

Taylor commented “Milwaukee is in a unique position to both utilize current technology to encourage green projects, and to sure up its reputation as a leader in developing new technologies that can be used to decrease waste while reversing damaging impacts on our environment.  I am proud that Milwaukee is taking the initiative to clean up the city while creating jobs, something that Governor Walker has neglected to do during his term in office. I look forward to continuing to work with the city as a Senator and as a Commissioner at MMSD to continue this great work.”

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