(MADISON) Under the pretense of eliminating fraud and creating uniformity, the Republicans have eroded voting rights through nearly 30 pieces of legislation since taking the majority nearly two years ago. Since their fraud claims have gone unsubstantiated, the GOP has resorted to ‘strong arm politics’ to limit voting hours and eliminate weekend and absentee voting.

Senator Taylor noted that “these policies will result in a patchwork of non-uniform election rules and practices that will lengthen lines at the polls on Election Day”

Instead of restricting the constitutional right to vote, Taylor said “the GOP should follow the example of Wisconsin’s first citizens, legislature, and Supreme Court by expanding voters’ rights, participation and civic engagement.

Although people came to testify in great numbers against these bills, Chairwoman Lazich pushed many of these proposals to the floor in less than eight days, without adequate transparency or input.

Taylor continued to say that “Without question our democracy is strongest when the right to vote is not shackled by partisan politics resulting in the disenfranchisement of our citizens, intentionally or unintentionally.”

In an effort to protect our elections, Senator Taylor coauthored the “Right to Vote Act,” which establishes that each resident has a fundamental right to vote in their district, which cannot be denied.

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