(MADISON) Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement following announced plans for Medicaid spending by Governor Walker today.

“While conservative leaders and political action groups are rejoicing that Gov. Walker rejected federal money for Medicaid expansion, I urge the public to not be distracted by the wave of press releases and media buzz.”

“Providing adequate access to health care for all Wisconsin residents is a bipartisan commitment that I hope the current Republican majority does not choose to abandon. However, the administration’s demonstrated failure to effectively administer basic programs for our most vulnerable populations does not bode well for Wisconsin.”

“With that said, the biggest story about the Governor’s rejection of federal support to care for Wisconsin residents is that we do not know the Governor’s plan because he has not laid one out. Perhaps the story is he does not have one.”

“With such a complex issue as access to health care coverage, I urge the people of Wisconsin, and my Republican colleagues, to hold their judgment on the Governor’s rejection of federal support until we see an actual plan from the Governor’s office - rather than yet another publicity seeking stump speech.”

“That said, I am disappointed the Governor did not take the opportunity to work with federal experts on ways to ensure Wisconsin residents have access to health care. However, I, like the rest of Wisconsin am already accustomed to being disappointed by Gov. Walker.”

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