Sen. Taylor Thanks Roger Rosen & Rosen Publishing for Gift, Calls for Reading Focus at Home

(MILWAUKEE)  Sen. Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee), civic and education leaders today welcomed a gift of 10,000 books for the children of Milwaukee donated by Roger Rosen and Rosen Publishing.  The gift was unveiled today at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Center as the Back to School Festival Committee began to place the books in bags for the upcoming Back to School event.  The 10,000 books will distributed at the event and also directly to schools are Milwaukee.

“This is such an incredibly generous gift of Rosen Publishing to provide the children of Milwaukee with these books.  Roger has provided each of us the opportunity to enjoy the fun of reading together with children.  Now is the time for Milwaukee to do our part, as family members and neighbors, to help the children of our neighborhoods read – a vital skill that is necessary for work and economic empowerment,” Senator Taylor commented.

Joining Senator Taylor in receiving the books was Toni Momon, chair of the Back to School Festival at the King Center, MPS Board Member Jeff Spence, Milwaukee Public Library Director Paula Kiely, and other educational leaders in the city.  Schools around the city, including Highland Community School, Freedom Schools, and MPS Elementary Schools will receive books in addition to those placed in bags for the Back to School Event.

Senator Taylor concluded, “Connecting with Rosen Publishing led to this great opportunity.  Now it is my hope that each of us, young and old, dedicates ourselves to helping children read in our city.  Our literacy rate and reading scores point to the fact we must do something.  This crisis is not reserved for schools to solve, rather it is the work placed before all of us.  I hope each of us helps a child read today and every day.”

For more information on Rosen Publishing visit  The King Back to School Festival takes place Saturday, August 10 from 11:30 am to 6 pm at the Dr. Martin L. King Jr Park, 1531 W. Vliet Street in Milwaukee.



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