March 29th, 2011


Walker Budget Falls Short of Responsibility, Job Creation, and Truth

JFC begins agency hearings, first day brings new set of failed promises

(MADISON) Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee), ranking member of the Joint Committee on Finance, expressed her disbelief and great concern over provisions of Scott Walker’s budget as the committee began its agency briefings today.  Taylor noted that Walker’s budget falls short of fiscal responsibility in the criminal justice system, eliminates over 1200 quality jobs, and fails to uphold at least three campaign promises made by the Governor. 

“Once again, the truth is in short supply with the Governor’s proposal,” Taylor commented. “Not only does the Governor break his promises to the people of Wisconsin, he cuts jobs and makes some of the most illogical policy decisions about law enforcement proposed in my time in the Senate.  Gov. Walker has yet to create a job, he gives away millions to his friends, and he raises taxes on working people.  It’s an absolute attack on Wisconsin.”

Taylor brought to light many different issues in the Walker budget:

  • Elimination of the Wisconsin Justice Information Sharing (WIJIS) system that threatens safety of law enforcement and victims, mandates local cost increases, and threatens 50 million dollars of federal highway aid.  (LFB Summary, page 36, item 1)
  • Increase of income tax for working families claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit due to Walker’s raid on the fund.  For a two parent family with two children income taxes would increase over $300.  (LFB Summary, pg. 184 item 4)
  • Specifically breaks at least 3 campaign promises made by Walker –
  1. Raises taxes on working families (Americans For Tax Reform pledge)
  2. Fails to authorize the reopening of tourism centers closed in the last budget.  (Campaign Website)
  3. Walker’s budget contains policy items and pork projects for the Governor (Campaign website)

“A one day review of the Walker budget shows just how untruthful and desperate for power the Governor is,” Taylor concluded.  “Complete lies to the people about not raising taxes, poor decision making, and just plain disregard for the rule of law in all his actions are represented in this budget.  As Wisconsin learns more and more about this budget, people will be called to hold Walker accountable for his war on Wisconsin values.”

The Joint Committee on Finance will continue this week and next to hold agency briefings on the budget.  Public hearings by the committee will begin on April 7th in Stevens Point.  Democrats, recognizing the GOP’s willingness to limit public input to this budget, will hold extra hearings around the state.


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