June 10, 2011



(MADISON)  Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee), Senate Ranking Member of the Joint Committee on Finance, issued the following statement on the release of the Legislative Fiscal Bureau’s comparative summary of the budget which shows that legislative Republicans, led by Senator Alberta Darling and Representative Robin Vos have increased spending over the last budget.

“Legislative Republicans were shown to lie again as they have increased spending in the Joint Finance version of the budget.  The LFB shows the budget has increased by 1.8% all funds over the base year.  That’s a 1.1 billion dollar increase in this budget approved by Sen. Alberta Darling and Rep. Robin Vos and other Republicans in the bad choices, broken promises budget of 2011.

Republicans told Wisconsin that they would NOT:

  1. Increase spending in Wisconsin, yet today we learn of a 1.1 billion dollar spending increase. (Rep. Vos Press Release 01/03/11)
  2. Include non-fiscal policy items in the budget, yet the budget contains at least twenty non-fiscal policy items
  3. Raise any taxes, yet approved a budget that included at least 56.2 million dollars in tax raises on working families .

I hope that the people of Wisconsin will take an example from the sport of baseball and say to the Republicans, ‘Three strikes and you are out!’”


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