February 1, 2011


State of the State – Wisconsin Needs Leadership Concerned For People

(MILWAUKEE) Senator Lena C. Taylor issued the following statement tonight in reaction to Governor Walker’s first State of the State address.

"In the midst of the blowing snow across Wisconsin, citizens heard a good load of hot-air tonight in the Governor’s first state of the state.  State of the State speeches are cheerleading sessions, and Governor Walker did not fail to meet to try and cheer on his party base.  In this session, the Governor will find not one Democrat disagreeing with him about the need to clean-up Wisconsin’s budget, however, he will find voting citizens -- Democrats, Republicans, and Independents -- that absolutely do not want to balance the state budget on the backs of working people, on those who use or have loved ones who use SeniorCare and BadgerCare, on those who send their children to public schools, or on those who treasure the pristine natural resources this state preserves.”

“To those of us who lived through this in Milwaukee County, we know the horrors about to face the people of Wisconsin with this leadership.  In eight days, we have seen the enactment of special session bills that increase the structural deficit by over 140 million dollars with zero jobs, minimal accountability for those dollars and outcomes; all for a symbol to business over people.  The day will come when Governor Walker will be called to answer to the voice of people clamoring for a just government that cares for its citizens.”


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