February 10th, 2011


Special Session Is Now An Assault on Working People

Walker’s budget changes eliminates collective bargaining, strikes at Wisconsin values

(MADISON) Building on 7 days of special session in the Legislature that has not created one job, has not cut spending, and only has increased deficit spending by 150 million, Governor Walker’s voluntary budget bill now expands the GOP assault on working people.  Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee) ranking member of the Joint Committee on Finance, warned citizens that the Governor’s latest salvo against working class people is only the beginning of  government policies that now favors corporate fat-cats over the working class taxpayer.  The Governor’s voluntary budget changes eliminate collective bargaining in Wisconsin. 

“Governor Walker is taking his first big shot at the working class in Wisconsin today and I expect that this will not be the last shot,” Taylor warned.  “This special session charade on jobs has really been a planned maneuver to benefit corporate pals and hold back the working people of Wisconsin.  Bill after bill in this session, has not created one job, but rather kill programs – like the targeted economic development programs in Commerce, and provide tax breaks for the big business boys.    This new bill, making changes to the budget, takes a shot at working people through the elimination of collective bargaining.”

To date the special session has:

  • Increased the structural deficit by over 140 million dollars.
  • Eliminated the business development programs for women-owned business, disabled-owned business, and minority-owned business.
  • Mandated state taxpayer money be given to a private corporation without accountability.
  • Granted Governor Walker extraordinary, and more than likely, unconstitutional, powers over administrative rules.
  • Rolled back consumer protections in the Justice System for victims who file suit.
  • Offered tax break after tax break to corporate pals.

“This budget change bill is not required, but people of Wisconsin should be warned,” Taylor finished.  “Governor Walker will continue to eliminate, kill, and tear down the laws that working class people believe in and demanded over many years.  This new bill is not the end, nor is the worst we will see.  The litany of poor legislation that this special session has already enacted is a testament to the lack of wisdom and poor insight in the East Wing.  This administration will continue to assault the lives and values of working people.  Now is the time to stand up and demand that the Governor do different.” 


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