June 3, 2011



Republicans sign-off on cuts to schools, state spending increase

Madison, WI – Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee), Senate Ranking Member of the Joint Committee on Finance, voted against the Republican budget that cuts over 1.5 billion dollars from public education, raised taxes on working families by 56. 2 million dollars, and will spend over 320 million dollars to give corporate tax breaks; which is more in all funds over Governor Doyle’s last budget.   “The GOP’s budget, made worse by legislative Republicans, broke faith with the values of Wisconsin.  Republicans cut millions from education while expanding school choice without accountability, public health programs, environmental programs, and simply lied by breaking their promises of removing non-fiscal policy from the budget as well as stopping the raid on funds and not increasing taxes.” says Senator Taylor.


The Finance Committee voted in the final day of consideration to cut education for undocumented immigrants, expansion of school vouchers in Green Bay, prevailing wage reforms, consolidation of the Income Maintenance program, and approval of the state building program.  GOP members also adopted a motion that authorized the bail bonds industry in Wisconsin which will allow “bounty hunters” to be licensed in this state.  Taylor blasted the proposal, “This is a piece of legislation directly from the ALEC playbook.  It is a policy item that should have a hearing with public input.  Instead we opened the state to DOG the BOUNTY HUNTER and the wild, wild west! This is a loss of revenue for counties” .  Today was the last day of the Joint Finance Committee action on Governor’s Walker budget. 


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