April 13, 2010



Orders Collection of Offender DNA, Protects Victims with Restraining Order Systemic Improvementand Protects Communication with Veteran Mentors

(MADISON) Senator Lena C. Taylor (D‐Milwaukee) praises the State Senate for the passage of five bills previously heard in the Committee on Judiciary, Corrections, Insurance, Campaign Finance Reform and Housing. The pieces of legislation passed today focused on clearly defining DNA submission requirements, streamlining restraining orders and injunctions for victims, allowing law enforcement access to electronic communications data via ISP providers, the creation of an integrated crime alert network and the protection of communications between Veterans and their mentors. Senator Lena C. Taylor one of the primary supporters of these proposals, authored Senate Bills 631, 464, 617 and co‐authored Senate Bills 524, 533.

“It is my duty to ensure that we continue to take steps toward improving the justice system of Wisconsin. These measures seek to protect the public while creating a system that is just and fair,” Taylor commented. “These pieces of legislation work in tandem to streamline Wisconsin’s laws and increase the efficacy of law enforcement and the court system.”

SB 631 Submission of DNA samples , authored by Senator Taylor closes the loopholes in the current DNA submission laws, clarifies the on going legal obligation to submit DNA and creates a non‐criminal court proceeding to compel required submissions. Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen and Corrections Secretary Rich Raemisch supported the bill.

SB 464 Wisconsin Restraining Order Improvement Act , authored by Senator Taylor streamlines the process for the judicial review of a petition and for the procedures for acquiring a temporary restraining order for domestic abuse, child abuse and elder abuse.

SB 617 Privilege of Veteran Mentors , authored by Senator Taylor makes conversations between a court appointed veteran mentor and a at risk veteran privileged communications.

SB 524 Law Enforcement Communications Services , co‐authored by Senators Sullivan (D‐Milwaukee), Taylor and Darling (D‐River Hills), allows courts to order subpoenas and warrants that provide customer information or disclose contents of wire or electronic communications.

SB 533 Integrated crime alert network , authored by Senator Jeff Plale (D‐South Milwaukee) allows the Department of Justice to create an informational network for known or suspected criminal activity, crime prevention, and missing or endangered persons to state agencies, law enforcement officers, and members of the private sector.


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