June 04, 2010


Taylor applauds release of MPD Use of Force Report

Police report lays out constructive criticism of police tactics

(MADISON) Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee) applauded the Milwaukee Police Department for releasing a report detailing incidents that included the use of force. The report which was created by a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor was aimed at creating a baseline from which to spot trends.

“I am happy the Milwaukee Police Department released this report and that the Fire and Police

Commissioners will be reviewing the data presented in the report,” commented Taylor. “This data will be a great tool to analyze trends; shape department policies, and create proper police training as it relates to the use of force.”

The report stated the department arrested nearly 35,000 people and only about 12 percent of those arrests involved the use of force of some kind. The study defined use of force to range from physical confrontation to gunfire. While the rate of incidence was low, researchers noted that incidence rates were not uniform across the city with the seventh district reporting the highest rates of use of force. Critics of the study also appointed out the fact that the study failed to address why some officers were repeatedly involved in cases resulting in use of force. While many see this report as a favorable step in improving the justice system, others believe that is still much work to do.

“This report is just one aspect that is needed to ensure justice and safety for all members of our community,” Taylor stated. “However, we need to perform more studies and analyze data in areas such as cultural understanding, citizen complaints and the ease of filing complaints. Research in these areas and others have been neglected and need our immediate attention.”


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