March 30, 2010


Race to the Top Applicant Reviews
Concerning, but not Unexpected

Taylor emphasizes that with support educational reform legislation can still be passed

MADISON— State Senator Lena Taylor (D‐Milwaukee) released the following statement in response to the Race to the Top application reviews.

“Sometimes the greatest plays are made at the end of the game. We may only have a few weeks left in session, but with the support of the Teacher’s Union, School boards, and members of the Legislature, I know that we can pass educational reform initiatives that can meet the goals of Race to the Top. The reviews just released prove that for Wisconsin to receive funding or take any significant steps toward educational reform, it is of the utmost importance that we have the full support of our Teacher’s unions. It is time that we put our children first, even if that means making additional changes and sacrifices. Simply put we need every adult to be fully committed to a meaningful plan.”


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