June 24, 2010


Jobs Program Funded for Silver Spring Neighborhood Center approved

Taylor votes for millions in funding for Silver Spring, other Milwaukee jobs programs

(MADISON) Over 17 million dollars was approved by the Joint Committee on Finance for transitional jobs programs in Wisconsin including over 2 million dollars in funding for agencies in Milwaukee to create transitional job creation in Milwaukee’s north side. Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee), who represents the major portion of the north side, applauded the action that will help persons transition back to work. Taylor also highlighted the major Milwaukee agencies that will benefit.

“In our city, where African-American men are struggling day in and day out to find work to sustain and support their families, the jobs from this funding will be a beacon of hope,” Taylor noted. “Agencies, like the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, will be able to connect men with meaningful work that helps to open doors to permanent employment. A job is the best social program in the world and with this action Wisconsin is opening the door to jobs in our community.”

Milwaukee agencies anticipated to receive the funds include the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, the Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board, and the Milwaukee Careers Cooperative. The Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, located in Taylor’s district, was provided with over 1.32 million dollars over the next two years and is anticipated to help employ 110 people.

The committee approved the funding as an expenditure of monies in the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act supplied by the federal government to create jobs and provide for economic recovery. The monies, included in the Temporary Aid for Needy Families (TANF), federal block grant are used consistently with actions taken in the budget bill to provide for transition jobs programs.

Information on when the programs in Milwaukee will be implemented will be made available in Senator Taylor’s office by calling 342-7176 or by visiting www.senatortaylor.com.


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