January 8, 2009



Statement on Walker’s
Stimulus Rejection

MADISON- Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee) is concerned about Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s stance against seeking any money from a federal economic stimulus package. In a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article, County Executive Walker stated he will not consider any federal dollars to assist the economic woes of Milwaukee County as a rejection of government deficit spending.

“County Executive Walker has shown yet again that he is not committed to the best interests of Milwaukee County”, Taylor said.

The Obama economic recovery includes an $800 billion economic stimulus, with $300 billion dedicated to tax cuts could be seen as a boon for economically stifled states, as well as local governments.

“With our state facing record budget deficits and an unacceptable rate of joblessness it is, at minimum, irresponsible. Standing on principal is one thing but standing in the way of Milwaukee’s economic recovery is another”, Taylor explained.

In December of last year, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett asked the Obama Administration for $599 million dedicated to infrastructure improvements, eight new libraries, and a new street car system. At a national governor’s meeting in Philadelphia Governor Doyle asked for $ 3.7 billion in shovel-ready projects and an additional $10 billion in longer term projects for Wisconsin.



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