June 09, 2009



Taylor Praises Passage of Appellate Procedure Reform Legislation

Senate approves the requests of the Wisconsin Judicial Council

(MADISON) Sen. Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee) today praised the final approval of a legislative package to

reform the appeals process in Wisconsin that was requested by the Wisconsin Judicial Council. Assembly Bills 122, 123, and 124 were passed by voice votes in the Senate after gaining overwhelming support in the State

Assembly. Taylor and Rep. Gary Hebl (D-Sun Prairie) co-authored the proposals.

“These bills will help to streamline and make our state’s appeal process more efficient,” Taylor noted. “The

impetus for this legislation lies with the Wisconsin Judicial Council and their diligent and tireless work on court

practice. These bills reflect the ideas of some of Wisconsin’s brightest legal minds.”

Assembly Bill 122 will toll the time limit for filing a petition for review in the Supreme Court while a motion for reconsideration is pending in the court of appeals.

Assembly Bill 123 codifies the appellate procedure used for those persons who are detained and committed under a civil commitment order or a ch.980 commitment.

Assembly Bill 124 would allow suppression of evidence issues to be raised on appeal in ch. 938 cases (juvenile cases) following an admission to a delinquency petition.

“As a member of the Judicial Council, I was happy to bring these bills into the legislative process.” Taylor

stated. “Much of the council’s work was accomplished by changing Supreme Court Rules, but the council has

been obstructed by past legislatures on these three bills. This is an important win for the people that provide

advice and guidance on how best to achieve justice.”

The Senate Committee on Judiciary, Corrections, Insurance, Campaign Finance Reform, and Housing, which

Taylor chairs, convened joint hearings on the bills with the Rep. Hebl’s Assembly Committee on Judiciary and

Ethics. The bills were made a priority for the work on court issues between the committees.

Taylor thanked the members of the Wisconsin Judicial Council, including Chairperson Marla Stephens and Staff Attorney, April Southwick, for their hard work on the legislation. The bills will be enrolled and presented to Governor Doyle for his signature.


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