Tuesday, December 08, 2009


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MPS continues to fail children, immediate action needed on Milwaukee TEACH Act

(MADISON) Senator Lena C Taylor issued the following statement after the release of NAEP data on MPS:

“Numbers released today in the Nation’s Report Card from the National Assessment of Educational Progress shows the dismal leadership that MPS has shown in turning around the educational achievement we owe our children.

Milwaukee Public Schools continue to set the low-water mark for poor results.  These new numbers show that only 15% of MPS 4th graders are proficient in all areas of study.  In 8th grade, only 7% of students are proficient. 

In addition, the MPS achievement gap between black and white students continues to disappoint and frustrate our city.  4th grade black students scored 32 points lower than their white classmates.  8th grade students scored 27 point lower than white students.

Action cannot wait to turn-around MPS.  Milwaukee’s children, families, taxpayers, and community members demand that the performance of our district change.  We cannot in good faith hire a new superintendent nor expect the same leadership that has failed our children to suddenly produce a positive result.

I applaud the calling of special session for action on the Milwaukee TEACH Act, which will transform the management and leadership of MPS in numerous ways.  This is a season that demands leadership and courage to step forward boldly.  I encourage and implore the leadership of the Legislature to move forward on the Milwaukee TEACH Act before the holiday recess.  The impending floor period on drunk driving has provided us a possibility to achieve transformation of MPS soon; I sincerely hope that we move forward in anticipation of that day.”


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