Wednesday, June 19, 2009


Appellate Reform Measures Become Law

Governor Doyle Signs Bills at Judicial Council Ceremony

(MADISON) Governor Jim Doyle today signed into law three pieces of legislation reforming the appellate process in Wisconsin’s court at a Wisconsin Judicial Council ceremony in the Assembly Parlor. Senator Lena C. Taylor (D -Milwaukee) and Rep. Gary Hebl (D -Sun Prairie), the Legislature’s designees to the Council, authored the legislation signed today. The bills, Assembly Bills 122, 123, and 124, all create efficiencies in various areas of the appeal process.

“I am very thankful that Governor Doyle has signed these measures into law,” Taylor noted, citing the court efficiencies and clarity of the law as a result of the changes. “With these bills becoming law, the appeals process will be more clear to defendants, prosecutors, judges, and victims as well as create a more efficient and practical use of court time. The Council has been diligent and thoughtful in producing the best possible

ideas for the courts of Wisconsin.”

The changes will affect the appeal process in criminal, juvenile, and commitment cases.

• Act 25 (Assembly Bill 122) will toll the time limit for filing a petition for review in the Supreme Court while a motion for reconsideration is pending in the court of appeals.

• Act 26 (Assembly Bill 123) codifies the appellate procedure used for those persons who are detained and committed under a civil commitment order or a ch.980 commitment.

• Act 27 (Assembly Bill 124) would allow suppression of evidence issues to be raised on appeal in ch. 938 cases (juvenile cases) following an admission to a delinquency petition.

The Wisconsin Judicial Council is a 21 -member statutory body whose responsibilities are to study and make recommendations relating to court pleading, practice and procedure; and Wisconsin court organization and jurisdiction. Members include judges, lawyers, legislators, public members, and various state agency officials.

Taylor is serving her second term on the council.


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