August 14, 2008


Taylor to Discuss Milwaukee Issues on “The Al Sharpton Show”

MADISON – On Friday, August 15th, State Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee) will appear with Reverend Al Sharpton on his nationally-syndicated weekday radio program.  Taylor will join Reverend Sharpton and Bishop Sedgwick Daniels as they discuss economic empowerment in urban communities, particularly as they affect the Milwaukee area. 

As a Milwaukee legislator, a member of the Joint Finance Committee, and Chair of the Senate Committee on Judiciary, Corrections, and Housing, Senator Taylor has been directly involved in a number of local and statewide initiatives aimed at improving economic conditions in Milwaukee.

“Reverend Sharpton has been an influential voice in addressing some of our society’s gravest injustices,” said Taylor. “Where other commentators often shy away from discussing certain controversial topics, Reverend Sharpton has brought those issues to the public’s consciousness.  It will be an honor to join him this week.”


“Milwaukee ranks seventh in the nation in terms of poverty,” Taylor noted. “With the recent announcement of yet another loss of key manufacturing jobs, things could get even worse.  Clearly, we need new strategies—both from government and the private sector—to be successful in the ever changing global economy.  I hope that, tomorrow, Reverend Sharpton, Bishop Daniels, and I can shed some light on the issues and generate a broader dialogue in our communities.” 

“The Al Sharpton Show” will be broadcast live from Milwaukee on 1290AM (WMCS) on Friday, August 15th, from noon to 3:00p.  Senator Taylor and Bishop Daniels will be on the program from noon to 1:00p. 


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