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Week of May 13-May 18th

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There is a lot happening at the State Capitol and it is my hope that this email will help you stay in touch with your government. As your Senator, I truly believe in public service. If there is anything my office can do to assist you, please feel free to contact us.

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Sen. Lena Taylor

4th District


Correctional Facilities Visits

Monday, I continued my visits to Correctional Institutions here in the state.  On average, I received 10-20 contacts per week from incarcerated residents requesting assistance with any number of issues ranging from healthcare to mandated programming.  The visits to Waupun, John C. Burke and Dodge Correctional Institutions were a sobering reminder of how much work remains to ensure that these facilities have what they need to provide appropriate rehabilitation services.  Where release is possible, we should give residents the re-entry tools they need.  For those that will not be released, there must be continued focus on the aging population in these facilities, staffing levels, and safety for both staff and those incarcerated.


Plastic in Water Press Release

This week, many of us became aware of a troubling report regarding contaminated water  in a slew of cities within the Great Lakes Region. The report, published in the multidisciplinary scientific journal PLOS ONE, provided some concerning findings about the traces of micro-plastic found in water samples taken from cities including Milwaukee, Chicago and Duluth. The research discussed both air and water borne plastics and the ability of humans to consume them.  The report talked about traces of plastic showing up in beer, so you have to wonder what other water-based products are impacted.  In the legislature, we have had our radar on the issue in part.  In 2015, we banned manufacturers from using tiny plastic beads in products, like the popular bath beads.  Like other states, we found that the beads were ending up in the Great Lakes and other waterways . 


MATC Launches Adult Free Tuition Program

Thursday, I was so excited to attend an announcement of Milwaukee Area Technical College that has the ability to truly positively impact the lives of Wisconsin residents. Many of us know someone who started working on their degree, but then life happened and they did not finish. This program may be for them. 

The MATC Promise for Adults is offering free tuition for eligible students to finish their associate degrees at MATC. The new program is an expansion of MATC’s first-in-the-state Promise program, which assists new high school graduates. Announced in 2015, the high school Promise program has the same goal – ensuring college access to students who never thought they could afford it.

The MATC Promise for Adults covers tuition costs after scholarships and grants for up to 75 credits for eligible individuals. Students must be:

• 24 years or older and live in the MATC district
• Have an annual family income of $56,000 or less (based on federal student aid application)
• Have earned at least six college credits but have not earned an associate or bachelor’s degree
• Have been out of college for at least two years

The new program is working to help fill high-demand careers in 50 areas, to include STEM fields, construction, health care, manufacturing, hospitality and tourism, and others. I want to offer a special thank you to Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele who donated $500,000 toward a pilot version of the program specifically targeting people living and working in the 53206 zip code. He was one of the early donors to the program for high school students.


Prayer March

On Saturday, I’ll be speaking at The 4th Annual International Stop the Violence Prayer Walk.  Alongside community leaders like Tracey Dent and faith-based organization Crossing Jordan Ministries, I look forward to spreading a message of peace and non-violence.  This event is a part of an international campaign, that will host similar walks around the world that brings awareness for the need end violence of all forms, elevating the desire for a commitment to human rights, diplomatic negotiations, humanitarian aid, justice and peace in our communities and homes. The walk starts at 11:00 am at Crossing Jordan Ministries, 606 W. Concordia, in Milwaukee.


Open Housing March Commemoration

Saturday afternoon, I’ll be stopping by North Division High School to commemorate the Milwaukee Open Housing Marches. Organized by March On Milwaukee, the program will highlight the work accomplished by the leaders of Milwaukee’s Open Housing Marches. Those protests, led by civil rights leaders like Vel Phillips, Father James Groppi, the NAACP Youth Council and Commandos, were a call for equal opportunity and a demand that a voice be given to the African-American community that had gone unheard for far too long. Sadly, just a few weeks ago, I attended the funeral of Vel Phillips.  However, one of her greatest wishes was to see others continue the work of so many of her contemporaries in demanding equity and fair treatment in housing and social justice.

Congresswoman Gwen Moore will deliver the keynote address.  Other confirmed speakers and presenters include members of the NAACP Youth Council and Commandos, Mayor Tom Barrett, Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton, Wisconsin Black Historical Society’s Clayborn Benson, America’s Black Holocaust Museum’s Reggie Jackson, Urban Underground’s Sharlen Moore and more. Hip hop artist Klassik and poet/activist Ajamou Butler of Heal the Hood will also be giving tribute performances. The free event will take place on Saturday, May 19th from 1:00-3:00pm at North Division High School (former site of St. Boniface, the start/end of each march for Open Housing).


Pink with A Purpose Event

After a busy and exciting day of marches and commemorations, Saturday night I’m looking forward to attending the Pink with A Purpose event. I’ll have a chance to speak with young women about the challenges they’ll face as they grow up and embark on new journeys.This is an empowerment event for young ladies from the ages of 6 -16 that will include speakers, entertainment, and fun. It’s a perfect way to end the day!














Events and Opportunities


Marching On: 50 Years in The Making

   Saturday, May 19th    1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

North Division High School
1011 W.  St
Milwaukee, WI 53206


For More Info


TGIF Stroll: Lake to Riverwalk, Park to Plazas


Friday, May 18th
5:15 pm- 6:45 pm

O'Donnell Park

910 E Michigan St

Milwaukee, WI 53202

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ZIP MKE Presents Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing"


Saturday, May 19th
5:00 pm-8:30 pm


Riverwest Public House Cooperative

815 East Locust Street

Milwaukee, WI 53212


For More Info



South Water Street and A Treat


Monday, May 21st

4:30 pm-6:00 pm


Purple Door Ice Cream

205 South 2nd Street

Milwaukee, WI 53204


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Danceworks Mad Hot Ballroom Dance Competition

Saturday, May 19th
9:30 am

BMO Harris Bradley Center

1001 North Fourth Street Milwaukee, WI 53203

For More Info


Make Your Own Kombucha

Saturday, May 19th
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Northern Brewer
1306 S 108th Street,
Milwaukee WI 53214

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Saturday, May 19th
9:30 am - 11:00 am

Veterans Park
1010 N. Lincoln Memorial Dr.
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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 Quote of the Week:

"If you actively do nothing, people continually end up dead, so it's time to start doing something."

-Emma Gonzalez, Student Activist and Parkland Shooting Survivor 


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