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Week of March 19th-25th

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There is a lot happening at the State Capitol and it is my hope that this email will help you stay in touch with your government. As your Senator, I truly believe in public service. If there is anything my office can do to assist you, please feel free to contact us.

Here to serve,      

Sen. Lena Taylor

4th District


Juvenile Justice Bill Hearing Monday, I sat with some of my legislative colleagues for a public listening session at St. Mark AME Church in Milwaukee. We appreciated St. Mark opening their doors to the community for this important discussion about the Juvenile Justice Corrections bill and our fight to address the ongoing crisis at Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake Juvenile Correctional facilities. The community turnout was great and the opportunity to explain the intent, reality and proposed amendments to the bill was welcomed. The following day, the Senate passed a slightly amended version of the Assembly bill and soon it should be on the Governor’s desk to be signed into law.  The establishment of a youth corrections system that keeps youth close to their families and implements evidenced-based practices is important.  We have a chance to do something for juveniles who have made mistakes.  Our goal should always be rehabilitation and a safe environment for them while in the state's custody. 

Senate Session Tuesday, the Senate met for what was very likely our last session of this legislative period. It was a marathon session with more than 120 bills and resolutions to that required our votes.  Of great importance to me was the work done by myself and a group of bi-partisan legislators to author and get to the floor the Juvenile Corrections bill (SB 807 and AB 953).  AB 953 was passed unanimously in the Assembly and retained its meaningful reforms. SB 807, however, was gutted of those reforms that would improve our juvenile corrections system, specifically the closing of Lincoln Hills and funding county based facilities. Fortunately, the Senate on Tuesday unanimously voted in favor of the bill that will close down Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake by 2021, and send youth offenders to different facilities overseen by counties throughout the state. The passage of this bill represents a major step towards juvenile justice reform.

Session Breakdown week, the Senate Republicans passed Governor Walker’s Special Session School Safety package of bills. I am disappointed that this $100 million dollar package falls woefully short of providing the common-sense changes our youth are seeking.  On Monday, two amazing high school students visited my office and asked that I remember that this issue is not just about school safety, but gun safety. Providing funding for school resource officers and creating a division within the DOJ are steps, but they are not steps that address some of the root problems. We need legislation that keeps semi-automatic weapons out of an 18 year-old’s hands, bans bump stocks, closes private sale loopholes, and requires universal background checks.  The Governor’s plan failed to address these important issues and given the fact that the Walker administration has witnessed school shooting after shooting and done nothing meaningful to help our children, this set of bills seem like just another set talking points for the fall election cycle.

Interview on Juvenile Justice with Fox 6 Wednesday, I spoke with Theo Keith of Fox 6 News about the $18.9 million settlement the state awarded a young girl who suffered brain damage after a failed suicide attempt in the Copper Lake girl’s correctional facility. This incident, along with many others, are why I have been working so hard to address the problems our state has with juvenile corrections. I told Mr. Keith that incidents like that should never happen, and frankly, I don’t buy that some Republican legislators didn’t let the settlement factor into their decision to get behind and pass the juvenile corrections bill. It is shameful that it took a federal investigation and a  something of this nature to finally do what is right. We have known about the issues at these youth facilities since 2012, and it has taken us 6 years to finally complete legislation that will begin to help fix the problems. Hopefully a lesson can be learned from this settlement and we can continue to improve our state’s juvenile justice system.


Meeting with Feeding America Thursday, I sat down with administrators from Feeding America to discuss resources, legislation, and future work that we can connect on in the community.  Feeding America is a fantastic organization that serves as a food bank for southeast Wisconsin, and is located at 1700 W Fond du Lac Avenue in Milwaukee. I love to work with organizations like Feeding America. They not only provide an incredible service to our community, but I hope to work closely with them as I bring my LOVE&FAITH initiative to life.



Lloyd Barbee Elementary School Visit Friday I visited Lloyd Barbee Elementary School in Milwaukee and had the chance to talk to a group of students about the levels of our government and how they can get involved at each one. We talked about the importance of voicing your concerns and staying civically engaged, in both the government and your community. I was impressed to see how much they already knew about our government and how eager they were to learn more. It will be great to see what they accomplish as they continue to grow and learn.




Community Brainstorm Monthly Meeting morning, I will be attending the Community Brainstorm Breakfast in Milwaukee. Here, the public will have the opportunity to ask local candidates for public offices about their positions on a wide range of issues. Candidates for Wisconsin Supreme Court and the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors will be present to connect with people over breakfast food. The Community Brainstorm Conference has a long-standing, grassroots tradition of putting those running for, and in, public office, in direct contact with anyone who chooses to stop by. These forums serve as great platforms for civic engagement, and fosters the type of direct contact that I believe is essential to serving those in our communities.




Intern Spotlight

Each week, Isaac Alter, a communications intern in my Capitol office, writes a short feature on a fellow intern working in the office. Take it away Isaac! Chew is one of the policy interns in Senator Taylor’s office. She is from Malaysia and is in her final semester at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she is majoring in political science and economics. Cherui chose political science because of her interest in local and domestic Malaysian politics, and during her studies, she has developed an interest in comparative politics. She ended up in Wisconsin because there are a lot of transfer programs in Malaysia, and the UW is a very popular school there due to its high international ranking. In the future, Cherui would like to work in business development, or a career that deals with international communications. She chose to work in Senator Taylor’s office because she thought it would be good exposure to legislative work. One thing Cherui says she’s learned from this position is that you have to be adaptive, and take in information fast in order to keep up with all the different things going on in the office.  



Community Action Alerts

Briefing on City of Milwaukee Voter Registration and ERIC Concerns

Please see the briefing below from Neil Albrecht, the Executive Director of the City’s Election Commission, and attached document discussing the impact of ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center) on our voters.

As you may be aware, Wisconsin recently joined with 23 other states that share voter registration data through a system called ERIC, the Electronic Registration Information Center. ERIC has a two-fold approach to voter registration: to encourage people not currently registered to register, and to flag voter registration records for individuals that, as identified by data, have moved or are deceased. This data is provided by the WI DMV, the U.S Post Office (USPS) and the Social Security Administration.

In January of this year, nearly 45,000 registration records were flagged during the ERIC review of Milwaukee’s registration records. When a record is flagged, voters should receive a notification postcard through the mail. The postcard identifies that the state has information that they may have moved and to reply if the information is not correct.

Due to the very high volume of voter registration records impacted by this process, my office began a careful examination of all data related to the City of Milwaukee registration records. We quickly identified several anomalies in the data and immediately notified the state of our concern. Our concerns were validated by the February Spring Primary, which saw a relatively low turnout (10%), but where over 100 City of Milwaukee residents had to re-register at their same address because their registration records had been inactivated during the ERIC process.

On researching these discrepancies, the Wisconsin Election Commission and staff from ERIC have identified that data provided by the DMV and USPS was incorrect and led to the erroneous deactivation of potentially thousands of City of Milwaukee registrations.

It was imperative for the city to compile an accurate assessment of the data before communicating information to the public. However, as that process is nearly complete, I recently met with and briefed the Mayor on what we now know with certainty.






Events and Opportunities

LIHF 365 with Mom: Mommy and Me Workout Session

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday
10:00AM - 11:30AM
Silver Spring Neighborhood Center
5460 N. 64th St.
Milwaukee, WI

Event Details Here


Spring Fling Egg Hunt

Saturday, March 24th
10:00AM - 5:00PM
Discovery World
500 N. Harbor Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Event Details Here


Free Borchert Field Book Talk

Wednesday, March 28th

5:00PM - 7:00PM

Milwaukee County Historical Society

910 N. Old World Third St. 

Milwaukee, WI 53203


Event Details Here





Humboldt Park Friends Easter Egg Hunt


Saturday, March 24th

11:00 AM

Humboldt Park Milwaukee

3000 S. Howell Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53207



Event Details Here



Swan Day Opening Celebration:
Women And Nature-Nourishing Our Roots"


Saturday, March 24th

11:00AM - 3:00PM

Urban Ecology Center - Menomonee Valley

3700 W. Pierce St.

Milwaukee, WI 53215



Event Details Here








 Quote of the Week:

“High school students visited my office yesterday and asked that I remember that this was not about school safety for them, but a needed response to gun violence overall. Much of what was done today by Republicans was window dressing—talking points for an upcoming election.”

-Senator Lena C. Taylor on the passage of Governor Walker's Special Session school safety package bills on Tuesday.


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