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4th District


Trump Approves Walker's Work Requirements for Medicaid week, Governor Walker got Trump’s approval to continue his assault on the state’s Medicaid program. The president gave approval to the ten states, Wisconsin included, which have requested work requirements on eligibility for Medicaid benefits. This move, along with the legislation Walker passed at the end of last year that will impose drug testing as a pre-requisite for Medicaid benefits, will only serve to kick more low-income people in the state out of state subsidized health insurance. An early report from the Center for American Progress found that of Wisconsin’s 303,000 non-elderly adults currently enrolled in Medicaid but not Social Security in Wisconsin and not working for reasons other than illness or disability, 66,000, or 22%, could lose their health insurance. The most affected demographic will likely be low-income students unable to be on their parents’ plans, adults who serve as primary caregivers to elderly family members, and childless adults with incomes below the federal poverty level. Yet, Governor Walker continues to push the false conservative narrative that welfare recipients are those who lack ambition and live off the hard work of those who do not receive benefits. In reality, what this policy will do is put yet another barrier to health care in front of those living paycheck to paycheck.


Senate Judiciary Committee Meets on First Bills of the Year Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety held an executive session and public hearing on Jan. 16th to move forward with some of the first bills of 2018. Three bills that I authored or co-authored were before the Committee: Senate Bills 403, 446, and 615. SB 403 would make it the responsibility of the Law Enforcement Replacement Board to regulate the training standards of jail and juvenile detention officers. In light of the issues at Lincoln Hills, it is important that we protect both our young people and prison staff by ensuring they are equipped to handle potentially dangerous situations with best-practice training standards that respect both parties. SB 446 would help facilitate the re-integration of people who have been found to be sexually violent if the court deems a supervised release appropriate for them. The bill is the first step in bringing the community closer to a fair process for deciding where these individuals can re-integrate into society. Finally, SB 615 works to lower barriers to employment for people recently released from prison by creating a Council on Offender Employment within the Department of Corrections that can issue a certificate of qualification for employment to individuals who have completed appropriate vocational training programs while in prison.



Senator Taylor Gives Speech on MLK Day On Sunday, Jan. 14th, I gave the opening remarks at the St. Mark’s Methodist Episcopal Church in Milwaukee in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I spoke of the importance of role models and the uplifting power to be found in finding them in each other. It was a true honor to have the opportunity to speak on the importance of Dr. King’s message, in the first African American Church founded in Milwaukee by another amazing role model of civic engagement and giving back, Ezekiel Gillespie. I sincerely hope that we all take a moment, not just on holidays that commemorate exemplary individuals like Dr. King and Ezekiel Gillespie, to recognize the profound and lasting impact of the individuals who put service to their communities above all else.



Walker Calls Special Session to Further Limit Access to Medicaid Services Thursday, Governor Scott Walker ordered a special session to address “welfare reform.” The session will include ten bills, some of which place needless burden on individuals' access to Medicaid services based on enrollment in FoodShare and use of public housing. The announcement follows Governor Walker’s repeated actions to make it harder for vulnerable populations to access key services, which now include adding work requirements and drug-testing for Medicaid eligibility. The announcement comes after Walker failed to hold a special session for Lincoln Hills. For more than six years the Governor has side-stepped his executive duty to address the problems plaguing Lincoln Hills by passing it off to legislature. I have previously called for Walker to hold a special session to address Lincoln Hills twice, and did even receive a response. Apparently, our own youth and corrections staff are not worthy of a special session to end the unsafe conditions, but Foxconn and opioids are. The Governor’s priorities are becoming increasingly clear.



President Trump's Haitian Comments of the principal duties as President of the United States is to represent our nation in a dignified manner that reflects the best our nation has to offer. Yet time-and-time again the 45th President has shown he is incapable of doing so. Last week, during a meeting on immigration policy regarding DACA, Donald Trump questioned why he should accept immigrants from “sh**hole countries,” referring to a number of African countries, El Salvador, and Haiti. Instead of aiding people from impoverished countries – countries that have experienced natural disasters and political upheaval – Trump furthered his crass remark by expressing his wish for the United States to have more immigrants come from countries like Norway. This sort of juvenile language is disgusting, insensitive, ignorant, and down-right racist. But at this point we cannot truly be surprised, as this is the same man whose presidential campaign was run off of a xenophobic platform – labeling Mexicans as “murderers and rapists”- and was also reluctant to disavow the support of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) and former Grand Wizard, David Duke. In each instance, the 45th President continues to show that he is inept in performing the very basic role as Commander-and-Chief.







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"What the resistance is harnessing is our power to create transformative social change."

-Sarah Pearson, Women's March Milwaukee organizer

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