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4th District

BREAKING: DMV system outages cause problems for Voter IDs

Today I was notified that because of a server crash at the Department of Administration there were system outages at DMVs statewide. The problem has been resolved, however, my office called DMV officials to express my concern that these outages prevented people from getting voter IDs. The DMV has agreed to extend their Saturday hours to 3:00pm at two Milwaukee-area locations tomorrow. If you still need to get your ID, head to the NW DMV (7301 W. Mill Rd, Milwaukee) or the SW DMV (5500 W. Grange Rd, Greendale) between 8:30am and 3:00pm. If you are inside the lobby of either of these DMVs by 3:00pm you are guaranteed assistance in obtaining a voter ID.

Get the Lead out, Milwaukee!

Did you know that almost twice as many Milwaukee kids tested positive for dangerous lead levels than the kids in Flint, Michigan? Wisconsin Public Television did a story on the lead issue in which they revealed 4,000 Wisconsin Children tested positive for elevated lead in their blood. 60% of those kids live in Milwaukee. In fact, 8.6% of our kids tested positive for dangerous lead levels compared to 4.9% of Flint Michigan kids. In Flint, Michigan, kids had so much lead in their system that the Mayor declared a state of emergency. Where’s our state of emergency? This is a major issue that not nearly enough people are talking about. Lead is extremely toxic and it affects the liver, kidneys, reproductive system and nervous system. Lead’s most dangerous impact is on the brain and can cause serious development problems in our youth. Milwaukee is an old city with old infrastructure. There is lead in our paint, in our pipes, and probably in our soil too. There are over 70,000 lead lateral pipes bringing drinking water right into our homes in the “old” parts of town. Many of those homes are in the heart of the 4th Senate district. I understand that there will not be a cheap or easy solution to this problem, but we need to implement solutions immediately. I think our best first step is to create a lead poisoning task force to devise a smart lead abatement plan that just might save our city.  

MPS graduate receives prestigious Fulbright award

Sojourner White, a 2012 graduate of Milwaukee Public Schools' Rufus King International High School and student at Bradley University in Illinois, has received the prestigious Fulbright U.S. Student Award. White, who attended MPS' Elm Creative Arts School and Roosevelt Creative Arts Middle School before heading to King, will teach English and serve as a cultural ambassador in Spain. King's International Baccalaureate program opened her eyes to the fact that "there's a world beyond high school and a world beyond Milwaukee." Watching her father, an MPS teacher, work with students will also prepare her for the trip, White said. The MPS alumna plans to work in school psychology after she returns from Spain and continue on to graduate school. The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government and is designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries, according to the program. The Fulbright U.S. Student Award has been in existence since 1946, and fewer than 2,000 students receive the award each year.

Volunteers wanted!

Join me in a great opportunity to give back to your community and celebrate Earth Day on Saturday April 23, 2016 at the 2016 Annual Spring River Clean-up! There are four different locations: Havenwood’s State Forest, Lincoln Park on the water, Lincoln Park on land and Lincoln Creek. Volunteer check-in is from 8:30-9:00am and clean-up will go until about noon. Please wear closed toed shoes and dress appropriately for the weather. You may also want to bring a reusable water bottle for your use. They will provide you with gloves and garbage bags, a FREE T-Shirt and food after the clean-up! For Lincoln Park "on the water" cleanup, a canoe and pre-registration is required. The other three locations, you will be on land and no pre-registration is required. For more information visit or call (414) 287-0207.

Governor Walker's startling change of heart

Today Governor Walker declared that he has finally seen the error in his ways, that educating our children and young people is a top priority for Wisconsin. In a move that shocked and appalled the Tea Party, Walker announced he will reverse his largest cut to K-12 public schools in Wisconsin history and his most recent $250 million cut to the UW System. I am surprised and delighted that our Governor suddenly agrees with principles I have been at odds with him on for so long. What a relief to finally work together to address the real issues in our state. This is the sort of good judgment and visionary leadership I—frankly—didn’t think I’d ever see from Scott Walker. But as I’ve always said, I’m all about second chances. I will work for the good of our community with anyone who is willing, and if today’s the day that Governor Walker joins me in fighting to give our babies a leg up with excellent education, I welcome him to my cause. This is the kind of bi-partisan cooperation our state needs. Unfortunately, this is also a huge, unbelievable April Fools Joke!! Did I get you? I only wish that I could share such good news on any day of the year, not just joke about it on April 1st.





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