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4th District

Walker signs civil service destruction bill, includes ban the box

Governor Walker announced today that he will sign Assembly bill 373 into law. While I oppose this bill, the "ban the box" provision is the silver lining included in this legislation. Banning the box on state job applications gives people with a criminal record a fair shot at a job. The box often deters employers from considering an applicant for a job without any knowledge of the applicant's situation. I would much rather have someone on the government payroll than in the government's pocket. I am very glad this issue is beginning to gain bipartisan support. As the state bans the box for state workers, I hope local governments and all private employers will do the same as legislators like me and my colleagues continue the fight for second chances.  

Raising the minimum wage for tipped employees

In Wisconsin, tipped workers currently make a third of the state's minimum wage. State law says that if an employee’s wages are less than $7.25 an hour, the employer must pay the difference to the employee. In spite of this law, one in ten tipped workers reported not receiving the minimum wage of $7.25 after a shift. Poverty rates for tipped workers are twice as high as poverty rates among non-tipped workers. Also, because of low wages and higher levels of poverty, 46 percent of tipped workers and their families receive public benefits compared to 35.5 percent of non-tipped workers. This is not right and in some cases where workers are not being paid enough, downright unlawful. Something needs to change. That's why I am introducing a bill that would raise the tipped worker minimum wage by $0.95 for five years until the tipped wage reaches the minimum wage. Tipped workers deserve to be compensated fairly.

Senate session speeding to an end

This week, PBS ran a special called “Race matters: Why is Milwaukee so bad for black people?” So what's the answer? Unfortunately, there isn’t one simple answer. Every level of government, from federal to local, could improve their work for our community. But as a community we need to take responsibility too. Today, I live on the same block that I grew up on, and I know from experience the problems that the PBS story talked about are real. With Wisconsin’s 2-year legislative session coming to an end, I want you to know I've been working very hard in the past six weeks to roll out bills that will help address some of these problems. I've introduced over 30 bills and resolutions addressing issues from truth in corrections budgeting, to restoring the right to vote, to substitute teacher pay equity just in the past six weeks. As a Wisconsin state legislator I am here to serve you, and one of the ways I do this is by introducing legislation that will make a difference. Click here to see my full legislative agenda.

Public hearings on long term care in Wisconsin

If you care about the future of long term care in Wisconsin, mark your calendars for March 7. On March 7, the Department of Health and Human Services will be taking public input on their proposed plans in Eau Claire and Madison. Long term care in Wisconsin became the focus of the 2015-2017 budget because Governor Walker’s plans left many advocates and individuals with questions and gave DHS all the power in crafting these plans. Wisconsinites have the right to petition their government. Governor Walker and his administration are violating these rights by refusing to receive written testimony while the GOP rewrites policies that will impact thousands of Wisconsinites. These hearings regarding long term care will be at the Florian Gardens Conference Center in Eau Claire from 9:30-11:30 am and the Alliant Energy Center Exhibition Hall from 4:30-6:30pm in Madison.




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Kohl's Art Generation Lab: Haitian Art Exhibition highlighting one of the most notable collections of Haitian art since the massive earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010. Saturdays in February, 12pm-3pm. More info here.

19th Annual Festival of Films in French: Selection of the best French animated shorts. February 14th, 5pm at the UWM Student Union. Details here.

Valentine Ice Cream Social: Saturday February 13, enjoy Betty Brinn Children's Museum & an ice cream social included with paid admission to the museum. For more details click here.


 Video of the Week:

Governor Walker signed "ban the box" today, click the video below to hear me talk about this historic moment on Taylor Talks.


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