Taylor Calls Action Crooked as a Bag of Snakes
Republicans Work to Thwart Court Ruling

(MADISON) – Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement upon learning that a possible date has been set by the Republican controlled legislature to call for an extraordinary session. This extraordinary session is in response to last week’s court decision requiring Governor Walker to hold a special election to fill a pair of vacant legislative seats formerly held by Republicans.
“So to be clear, Governor Walker and Republican legislators are attempting to change state law so they don’t have to comply with a court order that has already been issued. This is outrageous and as crooked as a bag of snakes. This is about protecting Republican seats and Walker’s agenda. The Governor had every opportunity to call for a special election that could have aligned with the Spring 2018 election, so this is not about saving money.
They want to talk about fiscal responsibility? If this is really about saving money, then why did legislative Republicans have no problem finding nearly $200 million dollars for a toothless school safety package and—just in time for elections—a child tax credit. But we didn’t have money to ensure that Wisconsinites in districts with vacant seats had representation when the Senate voted on more than 100 bills last week?

So, what about the next court ruling they don’t like, are we simply going to retroactively change the state laws again? This is an outright abuse of power!”

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