Taylor Statement on State of the State Address

“When Someone Shows You Who They Are, Believe Them”

(MADISON) – Senator Lena Taylor (D – Milwaukee) released the following statement in response to Governor Scott Walker’s eighth State of the State address:

“I want to remind people what I said last year in response to Governor Walker’s 2017 State of the State address.

‘“Today, Governor Scott Walker spent more time talking about the Green Bay Packers than he did about our juvenile justice scandal, our lead water crisis or Wisconsin’s racial disparities. Wisconsin doesn’t need a cheerleader, we need a trailblazer to solve our state’s problems. Today’s speech was just that, a speech. Words don’t solve problems.”’

“One year later, we still have a crisis in our juvenile justice system. Lead is still poisoning Wisconsin's children and families. Wisconsin, once again, ranks last in the nation for racial equity.

“Today’s address reflects the same lack of commitment to pressing issues facing Wisconsin residents. For the past six years, Wisconsin’s private sector job creation has lagged behind the national average. Wisconsin continues to rank worst in the nation for business start-up activity, faces a youth exodus, and contains the region’s least educated workforce.

“Across the board, Walker has failed on a number of policies and neglected vulnerable populations. Children received historic cuts to K-12 education when Walker first came to office, with funding restored when it’s time to campaign for another term. Walker calls for action on Lincoln Hills, but he has never set foot in any adult or juvenile corrections facility. Apparently, the issue doesn’t warrant a special session like Foxconn or ‘welfare reform’ did. Walker failed to expand Medicaid as 31 other states have done. His recent string of policy announcements right before re-election ring hollow given his track record of words said, and promises broken.

“Walker’s failed leadership did not start when he became governor. His failures were laid clear during his tenure as Milwaukee County Executive. Today represents the same state of sorry affairs.” 


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