Senator Taylor Joins Countless Americans in Praising Senator McCain

(MADISON) –On Saturday, Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) passed away after a formidable battle with cancer. Following his passing, countless Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike, expressed their heartbreak with statements of support for his family and fond memories of a man whose courage can only be described as unwavering.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) even proposed renaming the Richard Russell Senate Office Building after McCain, a plan that has gained widespread bi-partisan support.

In the wake of the loss of Senator John McCain Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement:

“It’s not often that you see a man as committed to the ideals this country was built on as John McCain.   As a Vietnam Veteran and Prisoner of War, Senator McCain sacrificed as much as anyone could for his country, and as a member of the United States Senate he labored diligently for the causes he believed served us best.”

“As an African-American politician, I have seen firsthand how fear mongering can be used to create division and hate.  It’s the type of hate Barack Obama faced in 2008, and the type John McCain helped to calm.  I’ll never forget my appreciation for his defense of Obama back then.”

“I’m honored to add my voice to the proposal, calling for the Russell Senate Building to be renamed after McCain, a man whose values and beliefs couldn’t be further from those of Richard Russell, a Senator known best for relentless opposition to the Civil Rights movement and his co-authoring of the pro-segregation Southern Manifesto.  John McCain’s name is one  that we can proudly display in our nation’s capital.”

“I didn’t always agree with McCain, but I respected him. To the family, friends, and countless Americans who looked up to Senator McCain, I join you in mourning the loss of our fellow American. ”




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