Sen. Taylor Seeks to Invest in UW System and American Dream

(MADISON) – Today, the 2017 Joint Committee on Finance discussed funding for the University of Wisconsin System. Funding for the UW System has effects on the caliber of faculty at the institutions, student loan debt, and the time it takes to complete a degree.

On the topic, Senator Taylor (D-Milwaukee) offered the following comments:

“Put Wisconsin first. If we freeze tuition, we must back-fund the universities, otherwise the System cannot afford to offer the classes students need to graduate on time. This not only adds to the cost of college and increases student debt, but delays the entry of graduates into the workforce, damaging Wisconsin businesses which look to hire students post-graduation.”

“70 percent of UW students graduate with debt and one in every ten UW graduates will default on that debt at some point. We must give them opportunities to refinance these loans. We need them to have access to the American Dream, homeownership, and cars, not just student debt, in order for our economy to grow.”




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