(MILWAUKEE) Senator Taylor (D-Milwaukee) expressed her disappointment after hearing that US Representative Gwen Moore was arrested while protesting for worker’s rights.

“The good Congresswoman has been a longtime advocate for worker’s rights and an increase in minimum wage. We know that when the wage is increased; the economy is strengthened because consumers have more money to spend. Wisconsin needs an increased minimum wage as well as updated standards and income limits used to determine, who gets access to critical programs like child care, food stamps, and rent assistance.”

“My Democratic colleagues and I have continuously worked to pass an increase to Wisconsin’s minimum wage. In this coming legislative session, I hope to work with both Democrats and Republicans on legislation that increases access to management jobs and the living wage jobs, not just the minimum wage jobs. Pay equity and income equality will not come without bipartisan support.

“Workers deserve to make a fair wage, and I am proud the my congresswoman took to the streets in support of so many fast food workers in Milwaukee and their fight to earn a living wage. No one who is working 40 hours a week or more should be living in poverty.”

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