“This RFP smells as bad as the place it belongs.”

(MADISON) Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee), co-chair of the Joint Committee on Finance, issued the following statement on the DHS RFP for non-emergency medical transportation.

“Citizens in Wisconsin rejoiced when the announcement came that LogistiCare was ending its contract with the State. Today those same citizens should cry. I have rarely seen such a blatant effort by the state to provide a contract back to the same company that has so woefully failed at the job.

“This RFP allows the department to accept service that is worse than they are getting with LogistiCare, there is zero effective oversight over this massive contract to make sure state tax money is well spent and accounted for, and there is absolutely no automatic penalties for the company failing to meet quotas.”

“While the addition of a mandatory on-line reservation system is helpful, this new RFP ignores the fact that low-income communities rarely have enough access to web resources to use this function. Instead the poor in Milwaukee get sent back to the phone where the state will now allow the company to keep citizens on hold for longer!”

“This RFP smells as bad as the place it belongs. Gov. Walker should pull it back and start over. “

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